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Learn about our top picks for all types of outdoor gear - tested and recommended by professional guides!

Gear is a huge part of our expertise at Wildland. As an all-inclusive hiking and backpacking company, we have provided our guests with backpacks, tents, sleeping pads, sleeping bags, trekking poles and more for over a decade and a half. We supply our guides with backpacking stoves, camp kitchen items, camp stoves, water filters and a myriad of other gear. We also make recommendations for what types of clothing, rain gear, footwear and personal items our guests should bring on trips.

With our Gear Guide, we have taken our expertise and the input of the staff at Wildland to research, test, review, and recommend items in almost every category of outdoor gear and apparel. We also supply links to the websites where you can purchase the items, making your search as informed and seamless as possible.


Packing List Resources

Joining a Wildland Trekking adventure? Check out our gear and clothing quick links to learn more about what to pack.

Packing List Resources

Wildland Packing List Video

Walk through the packing list items Wildland recommends with senior guide Ron Bubb.

See Packing List Video

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Best-Of Gear Roundups

Take a look at our guides’ favorite gear picks in each category. From rain jackets to backpacks, we’ve done the research and testing so you can find the perfect gear for your next adventure!

Best Low Top Hiking Shoes

See our recommendations for the best low top hiking shoes for your next adventure.

Hiking Shoes

Best Boots for Backpacking

Read about our top picks for ankle-high boots to wear on backpacking trips.

Backpacking Boots

Best Rain Jackets

See our selection of the best rain jackets on the market for your next hiking adventure.

Rain Jackets

Best Rain Pants

Check out our list of recommended rain pants for your next hiking vacation.

Rain Pants

Best Long Underwear

Check out our list of favorite base layers for your next hiking or backpacking adventure.

Long Underwear

Best Mid Layers

See our list of recommended mid layers and insulated jackets for hikers and backpackers.

Mid Layers

Best Backpacking Tents

Recommendations for 3-season tents, winter tents, ultralight tents, budget tents and more!

Backpacking Tents

Best Car Camping Tents

See our top picks for larger, comfortable, family-style car camping tents.

Car Camping Tents

Best Backpacking Backpacks

Our top recommendations for backpacking packs – covering the best options for overall quality, ultra-light, budget, and more.

Backpacking Packs

Best Daypacks for Hiking

Review our recommendations for the best hiking daypacks on the market. From lightweight to technical, we’ll cover them all.

Best Hiking Daypacks

Best Trekking Poles

Take a look at our top trekking pole recommendations. We’ll cover the best premium, budget, and ultralight options, and more!

Trekking Poles

Best Sleeping Bags

Stay warm and comfortable on your adventures with the best sleeping bag. Take a look at our top sleeping bag recommendations, along with important buying considerations.

Sleeping Bags

Best Headlamps for Hiking

Darkness won’t hold you back when you have the best headlamp for hiking adventures! Take a look at our top recommendations.


Best Backpacking Sleeping Pads

Keep your camping warm and comfortable with the best sleeping pads. We’ll review our top recommendations along with buying advice in this article.

Sleeping Pads

Best Backpacking Stoves

Get a nice warm meal or drink on the trail with the best backpacking stove. Let’s take a look at our top stove recommendations along with important buying information.

Backpacking Stoves
Platypus Gravity Filter Water System

Best Backpacking Water Filters and Purifiers

Ensure you have safe drinking water in the backcountry for all your adventures. Let’s review our top hiking water filter recommendations.

Backpacking Water Filters and Purifiers
Swiftwick trekking socks

Best Hiking Socks

Keep your feet happy and blister-free with the best socks for hiking. Let’s take a look at our top recommendations and buying advice.

Best Hiking Socks
Backpacking cooking pot

Best Backpacking Cookware

Let’s take a look at the best backpacking cookware from pots to frypans to make sure you have all the tools you need for awesome camp cooking.

Backpacking Cookware

Best Hiking Shirts and Tops

From t-shirts to tank tops and button-ups to hoodies, let’s review the best hiking shirts on the market to ensure you stay comfortable on the trail.

Hiking Shirts and Tops

Best Hiking Pants

Let’s review some of the best hiking pants on the market to make sure you stay comfortable on your next hiking trip.

Hiking Pants

Best Camp Shoes

Let’s look at the best camp shoes on the market to keep your feet happy and comfortable after a long day on the trail.

Camp Shoes

Best Hiking Shorts

Stay cool and comfortable on the trail with the best hiking shorts – we’ll review our top suggestions along with buying advice on this page.

Hiking Shorts

Best Hiking Gaiters

Keep the rain and pesky rocks out of your shoes and boots with the best gaiters.

Hiking Gaiters

Best Sun Hats for Hiking

Keep your head protected from the sun and occasional rain storm with a dedicated sun hat. Here, we’ll dive into the best options on the market.

Sun Hats

Best Sun Hoodies

Stay safe from the sun on your next adventure with a comfortable and protective sun hoodie. Let’s take a look at the best sun hoodies on the market.

Sun Hoodies

Best Hydration Bladders for Hiking

Stay hydrated and healthy on the trail with a reliable hydration bladder designed specifically for hiking. We’ll discuss the best systems on the market along with important buying and maintenance tips.

Best Hydration Bladders

Best Duffel Bags

Looking for a solid adventure duffel to see the world with? Join us as we review our top suggestions, buying considerations, and tips to make sure you find the perfect duffel for your travels.

Duffel Bags

Comprehensive Gear Reviews

Take a look at our in-depth gear reviews covering everything hiking-related. Guide-tested and written, these reviews cover everything from stoves to sleeping bags.

Rain Jacket Reviews

Take a look at our guides’ in-depth reviews covering rain jackets and shells.

Rain Jacket Reviews

Backpacking Tent Reviews

Looking for a new tent? Join our guides as they dive into the results of rigorous field testing with these comprehensive backpacking tent reviews.

Backpacking Tent Reviews

Sleeping Bag Reviews

Our guides have compiled all their sleeping bag knowledge and field test results right here. Check out the details in these sleeping bag reviews.

Sleeping Bag Reviews

Insulated Jacket and Mid Layer Reviews

Learn all about the newest insulated jackets and mid layers as our experienced guides discuss their field testing results in these comprehensive reviews.

Insulated Jacket and Mid Layer Reviews

Hiking Footwear Reviews

See how the latest hiking footwear performed in the field as our guides compile their test results in these footwear reviews.

Hiking Footwear Reviews

Sleeping Pad Reviews

Learn how the latest sleeping pads performed during intense field testing with our guides as they document their results in these sleeping pad reviews.

Sleeping Pad Reviews

Trekking Pole Reviews

See how the newest trekking poles on the market perform in the field with our guides’ comprehensive trekking pole reviews.

Trekking Pole Reviews
Swiftwick trekking socks

Hiking Sock Reviews

Take a look at how the newest socks performed in the field as our professional guides compile their test results in these detailed reviews.

Hiking Sock Reviews