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Our goal at Wildland Trekking is to be a top level outdoor industry employer and fulfill our mission of connecting people with the natural world through powerful hiking experiences.

We are 100% committed to having a dream team at Wildland. What this means is exceptional performance by every person at every position in the company, and a collective culture of excellence, professionalism and personal responsibility.

Our dream team is made up of people who love what they do, love what Wildland stands for, and are committed to our shared vision. We are looking for employees who are passionate about nature, love people and want to work hard doing meaningful work in beautiful places to help fulfill the Wildland mission. Our dream team members are positive professionals who take responsibility for how they feel, are open to feedback, work hard, love the outdoors and enjoy life.

We work in outdoor adventure because it’s what we love, and what better way to spend our finite number of days on Earth than being surrounded by what we love and making a different for people and the planet?


All Locations: CA, AZ, WA, VT, UT, ID/WY, CO, NC

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Locations:  CA, WY/ID, Pacific Northwest

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Now Accepting Applications for 2023!


There are no open guide positions for our 2022 guiding season.

We are now accepting applications for guide positions to start in 2023. We accept applications year-round and at any time of the year. For interested candidates, the best time to apply for the 2023 season is in September 2022 through early December 2022.

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Driver Opportunities

Part-time Driver Job Description

Job Objective

In support of the company mission, shuttle drivers fulfill program transportation needs by employing safe, friendly, and efficient driving skills for employees, guests and cargo. Provide fleet support through regular safety inspections, cleaning, and general preparation duties.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Maintain and adhere to Wildland Trekking Company (WTC) Minimum Operating Standards, all policies and procedures as outlined in the Field Staff Handbook and HR Handbook, and all directives from Manager or Director
  • Comply with all motor vehicle laws and
  • Maintain all DOT and insurance qualifications
  • Notify Program Manager immediately of any driving violations
  • Follow and adhere to the WTC Prime Directive five priorities: guest and guide safety; adherence to the rules and regulations of all commercial permits; care for the environment; care for the equipment; and guest satisfaction
  • Complete and maintain accurate pre and post drive vehicle inspections following the Driver Vehicle Inspection Sheet and any duties as outlined by Program or Fleet Manager; keep reports in the vehicle binder
  • Report any vehicle maintenance/repair requirements on the Driver Vehicle Inspection Sheet and reported to the PM
  • Complete and maintain inspections to confirm the vehicle registration, insurance documents, and a WTC Vehicle Supply Tote with emergency equipment are in the vehicle
  • Coordinate with the Guide to conduct the pre-drive orientation for the guests
  • Follow all WTC operating safety measures as outlined in training and the Field Staff Handbook
  • Use WTC vehicles for work-related use only
  • Report any contact with other vehicles or objects such as guard rails, garbage cans, animals, etc. to the Program Manager
  • Adhere to all trailer safety measures as outlined in training and the Field Staff Handbook
  • Complete and maintain accurate trailer inspections following the Trailer Inspection Checklist
  • Support with loading and unloading the vehicle and trailer
  • Maintain all receipts and record expenses with timesheet and submit for payroll in a neat, organized, and timely manner subject to the bi-weekly payroll schedule
  • Provide trip support to the guide and guests as needed
  • Clean and prepare vehicle for next work shift
  • Communicate any vehicle maintenance issues and needs

Secondary Responsibilities

Field staff positions also include porter support, other additional trip support, and providing support in the warehouse or general duties for the program area; Shuttle Drivers may be eligible to fulfill these duties when necessary and approved by Manager or Director. Guiding as a field staff position requires specific qualifications, certifications, and trainings–see Field Staff Position for more details. All positions and responsibilities must adhere to all rules and regulations of the commercial use permit, all policies and procedures as outlined in the Field Staff Handbook and HR Handbook, and directives from Managers and Directors.

Requirements / Conditions of Employment:

  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • Have a current valid driver’s license from state of residence meeting the state requirements for the size and type of vehicle being operated for at least 3 years
  • Must have and maintain an acceptable MVR grade (as established by MVD) with no major preventable violations in the last 3 years (MVR will be pulled upon hiring and reviewed annually), including:
    • DUI, DWI, or refused test
    • Reckless driving
    • Leaving the scene of an accident
    • Vehicular homicide
    • False accident reporting
    • Driving with a suspended/revoked license
    • Driving without insurance
    • Attempting to elude a police officer
  • Must conform to any and all other local, state, or federal statutory requirements for the operation of the vehicle weight requirements and passenger limitations
  • Must be literate
  • Ability to pass all DOT requirements and hold a DOT Physical Certification (applicable to certain states only)
  • Must pass drug testing (in California only)
  • Ability to drive with a cargo trailer

Qualifications / Experience

Must have documented commercial driving experience. Commercial driving experience is defined as any job where you had to at least occasionally transport passengers.

Ability to perform routine vehicle maintenance in the field to ensure safe operation. Examples include: changing a flat tire, changing fuses, jump starting, checking and adding fluids, perform daily DOT vehicle inspections.

Working Conditions

This job is based at the area branch location. Area branch season to be defined at hire.

  • ENVIRONMENT this position requires long periods of driving and staging in remote areas where communication and basic services are unavailable. Duties may require extended periods in adverse weather conditions including: extreme temperatures and precipitation
  • PHYSICAL DEMANDS This position requires applicants be able to frequently lift, push and pull weights up to fifty (50) lbs, as well as frequent bending, stooping, and squatting over the course of a full work shift. Duties require fine manual dexterity to perform basic tasks.


For benefit qualifications and plan details, see Compensation Plan, HR Handbook, and individual policies available from manager/director and HR Administrator.

  • Paid Sick Leave
  • 401(k) and/or Roth 401(k) Retirement Savings Plans with vested employer contributions
  • Company Established Pro Deals and Discounts


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Open Part-time Driver Positions


We are always looking for exceptional individuals to drive shuttles for our groups on a part-time basis. Ideal candidates have warm personalities, clean driving records, knowledge of the natural and cultural history of the areas we operate, a very strong sense of professionalism and a dedication to customer satisfaction.

The bases of operation where we often need drivers are:

  • St. George, UT
  • Flagstaff, AZ
  • Mariposa, CA
  • Driggs, ID
  • Estes Park, CO
  • Olympia, WA


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Guiding at Wildland

"Guiding for Wildland has been rewarding beyond measure. From the staggering amount of parks, monuments, and forests in which Wildland operates, to the unrivaled logistical support received before and during trips, Wildland offers a unique workspace under the stars to hone my outdoor skills, instincts and to share the wonders of nature with clientele." - Jordan D. (since 2016)

Why Work For Wildland Trekking?

Guiding is a fulfilling and meaningful career and we take great pride in fostering a professional, supportive and fun work culture. 

Share Your Passion with Others

Share Your Passion with Others

If you're passionate about nature, travel and adventure; and sharing that passion with others sounds exciting to you, then guiding at Wildland could be a great choice. We are all about introducing guests to the magic of the outdoors, and we are looking for people who thrive on this mission.

Professional Outdoor Community

Professional Outdoor Community

With approximately 200 guides spread out across the USA, Wildland is a community of outdoor professionals. You will meet new people through training together, co-guiding trips, prepping together in the warehouse, and at company events.

Competitive Compensation

Competitive Compensation

With our entry level guides averaging approximately $190/day in 2022, plus excellent gratuities, Wildland is a very competitive employer in terms of compensation. We also offer a 401K plan, pro-deals, paid sick leave and more. See more about benefits below.

Robust Trip Support

Robust Trip Support

With 8 field offices across the USA, each outfitted with a program manager and other support personnel, we offer a unique level of support to our guides. Every trip is also outfitted with emergency communication devices, and we have a 24/7 line for round the clock support.


  • A fun and supportive work environment with lots of high quality people to work alongside
  • Flexible schedule
  • A multi-day, field-based guide training course and shadow trip process
  • Industry pro deals
  • Opportunities to guide in multiple program areas
  • Comprehensive trip support (including satellite phones, InReach Garmin devices and access to 24/7 trained emergency staff and resources)
  • Opportunities for advancement/professional growth within the organization
  • Competitive compensation
  • Commission opportunities for referring non-Wildland guests to our tours
  • Temporary, seasonal housing opportunities in select programs for pre and post trip
  • Use of Wildland Trekking gear for trips (backpacks, tents, sleeping pads, trekking poles, etc.)


One of our goals at Wildland Trekking is to create a home for outdoor professionals who want to make a living guiding. It continues to be our focus as regulatory and practical considerations alter the landscape of what it means to be compensated as an outdoor guide in today’s world. We hire our field staff as employees verses independent contractors.

Wildland pays field staff by the hour*, but Wildland guides receive a significant portion of their income from guest gratuities. With an annual average of 10,000 guests and an average field staff schedule of 15 days working a month, our guides have the potential to making a good living. Guide pay is included in more detail below.

*The Wildland hourly pay system complies with all federal and state laws. Historically most outdoor adventure companies paid by the day. Regulatory changes at the federal and state levels have changed, making the practice of daily rates illegal for most companies. Paying by the hour allows employees to accrue overtime earned and sick leave.

learn more about GUIDE compensation


  • Paid Sick Leave
  • 401k and/or Roth 401k Retirement Savings Plans with vested employer contributions
  • Company Prodeals and Discounts
  • Staff Trip Discount Policy
    • Staff can join domestic or international trips at wholesale costs
    • Staff’s family members and significant others can join trips with a discount on a case by case basis
  • Employee-Sponsored College Savings Plan: for parents, we offer a CollegeAmerica 529 College Savings Plan.
  • When available, company-sponsored or access to discounted certification courses (LNT Master Course or WFR recertification courses)


The primary responsibility is to enhance the lives of our guests by doing everything in her/his power to lead and facilitate a safe, fun, positive, unforgettable outdoor adventure experience while fostering a respect and appreciation for the special places we travel in. Responsibilities include (but are not limited to) contacting guests 2 weeks before the trip to answer questions, prep all gear and food (prep day paid at the daily guide rate), conduct a pre trip orientation meeting, assist guests in learning the basics of what they need to know (backpack adjusting and putting up tents, etc), natural and human history interpretation, risk management, cook and clean, gear repair in the field, conduct a meaningful post trip wrap up with you guests, post trip gear deissue and trip debrief.

Housing and travel

Lodging is provided while guides are on lodge-based trips and campsites provided for guides on our basecamp trips. Shared housing is also provided in some of our select program areas (Mariposa, CA; Estes Park, CO; Driggs, ID). Communal housing opportunities in those select program areas for our field staff is available to all field staff free of charge while working, but is only available for pre and post trips. If you have questions on our temporary housing opportunities, please ask in the hiring process.

Travel between program areas is on you, but once on a trip all expenses of company food, lodging/camping and company transportation is paid for by Wildland Trekking.

Guide Qualifications and skills

Ideal candidates for a guide position will have significant personal and professional multi-day guiding experience in the backcountry. Multi-day trips with Wildland Trekking range from 3-7 days with mileages that range from 5-12 miles per day. Guides prepare 3 meals a day for guests in the field on backcountry trips as well as teach outdoor living skills, manage all aspects of the trip, and are responsible for interpretive information, risk management, and guest satisfaction.

Required Qualifications:  

  • At least 21 years old in order to guide and drive
  • Must be available to attend staff training pre-season (dates depend on location)
  • Must be able to pass a background, motor vehicle record check, and a drug test (CA only)
  • Must be able to obtain a Backcountry Food Handler’s Certification
  • Must provide proof of Covid-19 vaccination, be willing to provide proof of a Covid-19 vaccination before start of employment, or qualify for a religious or medical exemption
  • Must hold a current Wilderness First Responder Certification or Wilderness EMT or be willing to obtain certification before training start date
  • Must be physically able to hike up to 15 miles in a day with a weighted pack of up to 50+ pounds

Preferred Qualifications

  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: At least 1-2 years of backcountry and/or front country professional guiding experience (backpacking, mountaineering, outdoor education, rafting…etc.) and/or training and professional experience in outdoor education (i.e. NOLS, Outward Bound, degree in Outdoor Education or related field, Wilderness Therapy, other Adventure Travel companies, etc).
  • Excellent verbal communication skills and interpersonal skills
  • Value and embody integrity, sense of ownership and dedication to customer satisfaction
  • Strong background in geology, ecology, biology, outdoor recreation…etc. and/or extensive knowledge of the Parks in which we operate
  • Excellent outdoor cooking skills and ability to create a fantastic menu
  • Creativity and flexibility to make sure every trip exceeds your guests’ expectations
  • A love of hiking and America’s wild lands and national parks
  • Enthusiastic about working for The Wildland Trekking Company and have a passion for outdoor adventure
  • Leave No Trace certification
  • Expertise in at least one of our program locations
  • Speak and write English fluently; Fluent in French and/or German, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese a plus.
  • Two years of commercial driving experience (any job where you had to at least occasionally transport passengers)

More Resources

Office Locations


The Wildland Trekking Company, founded in 2005, is a premier adventure travel (backpacking and hiking) tour company headquartered in Flagstaff, AZ. Our program areas include 12 US states, 25 US national parks and wilderness areas, and 13 countries. We have been featured in Backpacker Magazine, The New York Times, Men’s Health, Sunset Magazine, Lonely Planet Traveler and the Discovery Channel. As a guide, you have the opportunity to work from any or all of our domestic office locations and associated National Parks, forests and recreation areas:

  • Flagstaff, AZ: Grand Canyon National Park and Havasupai Falls, Sedona &  Moab, UT area: Canyonlands National Park and Arches National Park
  • Mariposa, CA: Yosemite National Park, Inyo National Forest, Lost Coast, Lassen Volcanic National Park, Sequoia- Kings Canyon National, Joshua Tree National Park
  • Olympia, WA: Olympic National Park. Mount Rainier National Park and North Cascades National Park
  • Estes Park, CO: Rocky Mountain National Park and Flat Tops Wilderness
  • St. George, UT: Death Valley National Park, Joshua Tree National Park, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Paria Canyon-Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness, Grand Canyon National Park (North Rim), Capitol Reef National Park and Grand Staircase- Escalante National Monument
  • Driggs, ID: Yellowstone National Park, Wind River Range, Jedediah Smith Wilderness, Bridger-Teton Wilderness and Absaroka- Beartooth Wilderness
  • Asheville, NC: Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the Blue Ridge Mountains
  • Vermont: White Mountains National Forest and Green Mountain National Forest

COVID Protocols

COVID- 19 Protocols

Field staff positions at Wildland Trekking Co.  are required to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of employment. Candidates who have been offered employment for field staff positions at Wildland Trekking Co. will be required to demonstrate that they have been fully vaccinated for COVID-19 or qualify for a medical or religious accommodation from the vaccination requirement at time of hire or by their start date (which may be extended for such purposes).

Based on guidance from the CDC, WHO and World Travel and Tourism Council, our protocols are designed to protect staff and guests to the greatest extent possible while continuing to  provide work for our staff and show guests the majesty of the world’s wild places. We have not had a known case of COVID transmission on a trip. Click here to read more about what we’re doing to maximize safety.

Safety Protocols

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the main seasons Wildland Trekking guides work?

Wildland Trekking’s main guiding season lies between mid-March and end of October. As a company we operate year round, but rarely hire for winter positions (November – February) as our current employees can almost always accommodate this reduced volume.

Seasons available to work are defined as follows:

-Full season: Field staff that work mid-March through end of October and with the opportunity for occasional winter work

-Spring and Fall: Field staff that work March through end of May and then again in September and October

-Summer: Field staff work from June to mid/late September

How much work can I expect with Wildland Trekking?

Multi-day guides are generally hired to work 1-3 multi-day trips per month. We consider ‘part-time’ field staff to be guides that only work 1 – 2 multi-day trips a month and ‘full time’ field staff to be those that work 2-4 multi-day trips a month. Trips can be anywhere from 4-8 days of work.

In some branch locations, field staff work day hikes to fill in their schedule or as their main trip style of choice. Guides who desire more work also have the opportunity to do shuttle driving for trips, porter trips, and do warehouse work on an as-needed basis.

As an incoming guide to Wildland Trekking, the key to getting all the work you want is leaving your schedule open. Last minute staffing needs are a near constant in our busy seasons, and if your schedule is clear you’re all but guaranteed to get as much work as you’d like. It may take some time to build up to a full advanced schedule as you advance through the staffing levels. During slower times when a guide may not have a full schedule of trips, we encourage field staff to scout trip routes in their program area so they are increasingly qualified to lead as many trips as possible.

What does the hiring process entail for a guide position?

A successful candidate will:

1.) Complete an online application

2.) Fill out a Skills Self Assessment form upon request

3.) Participate in 1 video and 1 phone interview

4.) References contacted by our team

5.) Pass a background and motor vehicle check

6.) Must have a valid driver’s license and no DUI type infractions within 5 years

6.) Currently have or obtain before the first day of work, a Wilderness First Responder or EMT

7.) A Backcountry Food Handler’s Certification

NOTE: Some program areas, such as Rocky Mountain National Park, Sedona, AZ, and Zion National Park to name a few, require additional certifications or area specific quizzes in order to guide there. If interested in leading tours there, these requirements will be told to you.

Upon acceptance and completion of the above 7 steps, a newly hired guide must also successfully complete a training and shadow trip process.

What sort of training does Wildland provide newly hired guides?

Wildland provides new guides with a 3-part training process. All training time is paid at each program area’s base guide wages.

Part 1:  Self-directed reading, videos and information to be completed before in-person training.

Part 2:  In-person field based training; The field based training is generally 5-6 days total with 3-4 days in the field and 1.5 – 2 days at a warehouse location or in a front country setting.

Part 3: Shadow Trip Process:  Join a senior guide and guests in the field for more training while helping run a trip. The shadow process is the backbone of Wildland Trekking’s training as this is when a newly hired guide will get to interface with guests in the field and apply what they have learned in the trainings. As a shadow guide, you will not only observe the senior guide in their preparation of the trip, execution of the trip and their skills in the field managing the trip,  you will experience first-hand the expectations of what it means to run a Wildland Trekking trip so you are set for success.

Newly hired guides shadow at least one trip of any trip type they wish to lead, i.e., Day Hikes, Backpacking trips and/or Front Country (basecamp and inn-based) trips. Senior guides must sign off on the trainee/shadow guide before he or she begins leading trips. The senior guide will evaluate the trainee/shadow guide based on criteria set forth by management in an evaluation form. Evaluation of the trainee/shadow guide includes pre-trip communication, preparation for a trip including packing of gear and food preparation, and how the shadow guide interfaces with guests in education and group management.



We have a Staffing Department that assigns guides to trips. Staffing of trips is based on criteria such as Staffing Level, seasonal home program, availability and performance. Guides manage their availability, seasonal home program, preferred trip types, and other pertinent details through an online Guide Portal. Guides are expected to maintain their portals as far out as possible and ​at least ​three months in advance. If a guide shows availability in their portal and a trip that needs to be staffed within those dates exists, that trip may be assigned to an eligible guide without consultation. Guides receive their schedules typically 3-4 months in advance. There is also an opportunity to interface with the Staffing Department to relay your preferred trips.

Am I expected to use my own gear when leading trips?

All Wildland Trekking field staff can utilize company-provided gear. This includes use of tents, sleeping pads, tents, cookware, stoves, fuel, trekking poles, etc. You are not expected to utilize your own backcountry gear. However, many guides prefer to use their own equipment and can take advantage of pro-deals for purchasing or replacing gear.

I applied for a Driver or Guide position at Wildland Trekking, now what?

Thank you for applying! Our Hiring Department will be in touch to coordinate an interview if your credentials and experience match what we are looking for. If you have any additional questions about our hiring process, employment requirements or application, please reach out to hiring@wildlandtrekking.com

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We are accepting applications for the 2023 guiding season so apply today!


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