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Combined, America’s national parks draw tens of millions of visitors every year, and for good reason. National parks preserve many of the most pristine, wild, unique, ecologically important, and stunningly beautiful wild areas remaining in North America.

It’s no secret there are many national park hiking companies offering a wide range of national park hiking packages all across the globe. Wildland Trekking offers a proven, professional option for guided hiking vacations that showcase the very best of the parks we visit. We specialize 100% on hiking, trekking and backpacking, and we’re experts at it! Our trips are all-inclusive, expert-led, and feature hand-picked itineraries that consistently wow our guests, whether they’re on a backpacking trip, camping tour, inn-based tour, llama trek, or day hike. We invite you to peruse our destinations below and contact us with any questions!

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Some of the most famous destinations in North America are national parks. Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Yosemite, the Great Smoky Mountains…the list goes on. The National Park Service has a unique mission when contrasted with other federal land management agencies like the US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and others. The National Park Service is directed to preserve “unimpaired” the natural and cultural resources in the park boundaries “for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of this and future generations.” What this means is these amazingly unique, beautiful, wild places are preserved with the highest possible integrity. Exploring our national parks is often like stepping back in history, looking at what America looked like in the 18th or 17th centuries. What an incredible opportunity!


Many people choose to hike national parks on their own, and many choose to go with national park hiking companies like Wildland Trekking. Some of the benefits of going on a guided tour are:

  • See the very best of the national park(s) you’re visiting. With itineraries hand-picked by local experts, guided tours allow you to focus in on the must-see hiking trails, natural features, wildlife areas…etc. and maximize your vacation time.
  • Guides help national parks come to life through natural and cultural history interpretation, stories, fascinating tidbits, and their passion for the local area. This level of enjoyment is difficult to emulate on your own.
  • Enjoy an increased level of safety. Many of America’s national parks are quite dangerous, with hundreds of rescues annually, and even quite a few deaths. Grand Canyon’s mostly waterless desert environment, Yellowstone’s grizzly bears, Yosemite’s cliffs and deep backcountry…etc. Going with a local, professional guide and the company of a group dramatically increases the safety of your expedition.
  • Plan stress free, travel light. Without having to worry about lodging, transportation, permits, meals, gear, daily plans…etc. for most of the trip (only the night before your trip begins), the planning is wonderfully simple! And the traveling? Equally so. We supply almost everything so you don’t have to travel with loads of gear and supplies.


We offer national park backpacking trips, inn-based tours, camping-based tours (“basecamp Tours”), llama treks (and other stock-supported treks), portered treks, and day hikes. If you’re looking for a backcountry experience where you leave the roads behind and venture far into the wilderness, then look to the backpacking trips, llama treks, and portered treks to be the best options. If you’d like an outdoor experience, but with showers, elaborate meals, more comfortable accommodations…etc. then a basecamp tour is a perfect option. If you want to get great hikes in, explore the best trails of your chosen park, and live it up at night with cozy lodge accommodations and restaurant meals, then our inn-based tours are the way to go. You can always contact us with any questions!

The Mt. Rainier Inn trip with Wildland was perfect. The Inn was comfortable; the guide was an expert in his field; the pacing was just right to accommodate all those on the trip; the scenery was ideal. If you can go please do.

— Diane Davis