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Guides Choice trips are the trips that guides most enjoy leading in each category of destination and trip style (i.e. there is one Guides Choice trip for Grand Canyon inn-based tours, for Grand Canyon backpacking trips, for Grand Canyon day hikes…etc.) They are the trips that guides would likely choose for personal outings, and tend to not be the “classics,” although sometimes they are.

Trips become guide favorites for a variety of reasons. First, and most importantly, they consistently impress guests. As the saying goes “happy guests, happy guide.” Second, they often offer higher levels of solitude. Third, the guides see them as the best option in each category – they are the trips they would recommend to their friends and family. Last but not least, they have so much going for them in terms of scenery, adventure, variety, and opportunities for natural/cultural interpretation, that guides enjoy leading them again and again.

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