Lassen Volcanic National Park Hiking Tours

Sunset at Lassen Peak with reflection on Manzanita Lake - wide image
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Lassen Volcanic National Park

Explore the southern tip of the Cascades Range with Wildland Trekking

In Northern California the Sierra Nevada Mountains (home to Yosemite National Park, Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks, Lake Tahoe and more American mountain gems) give way to the beginning of the Cascades. The Cascades are a string of volcanic and non-volcanic mountains running on a north-south axis from California to British Columbia. Mount Lassen is the most southerly part of the Cascade Range, which is part of what makes it a tremendously unique national park!

Lassen Volcanic National park is characterized by wildflower-laden meadows, steaming fumaroles, stunning mountain lakes, fast-running creeks, jagged peaks and multiple active volcanoes. It is an American destination not to be missed!