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Panorama of the Flat Tops Wilderness in Colorado
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Enjoy expansive wilderness and peaceful solitude in Colorado's Flat Tops.

Colorado’s stunning Flat Tops Wilderness is one of the state’s most expansive wilderness areas – it is a wonderland of alpine lakes (over 100!), rivers, waterfalls, volcanic peaks (up to nearly 13,000 feet), abundant wildlife, incredible trout fishing, and world-class hiking and backpacking. A relatively undiscovered gem, it offers an experience of solitude and serenity not easily matched in Colorado’s more well-known areas like Summit County, the Durango area and the Front Range. The Flat Tops are a nature-lover’s paradise with vibrant wildlife habitat, amazing wildflowers, cascading waterfalls, fascinating natural and cultural history, and a plethora of panoramic views that will awe even the most experienced of mountain travelers. If enjoying an epic Colorado backpacking trip is on your list, then join us in the Flat Tops for an adventure you’ll never forget!


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Why Join Us in the Flat Tops Wilderness?

Watch an interview with Wildland Trekking's Colorado program manager, James Wieman, about what makes the Flat Tops Wilderness his favorite spot in Colorado.