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Add on a day hike or cultural acclimatization tour to make the most of your time in Peru!

Make the most of your time in Peru with an add-on day hike around Cusco! Explore a stunning alpine lake with amazing turqouise water (Lake Humantay); or one of the most unique and breathtaking mountains in the world with rainbow-colored soils that make for spectacular photography (Rainbow Mountain).

Are you already joining us on either our Classic Inca Trail, Classic Salkantay or Rainbow Mountain Llama treks?  If so make the most of your acclimatization days before your trek by adding either our Sacred Valley or Cusco Cultural acclimatization day tours.  These are perfect tours to maximize your time in Peru by visiting the fascinating, unique and historic sights around the city of Cusco and the Sacred Valley. All while safely allowing your body to acclimatize properly and prepare for the higher elevations you will meet on your following trek.

Please Note: these hikes are offered as add-ons to our longer Cusco-based treks. Some of these tours are included on our multi-day Peru trekking packages.

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