Best Camp Shoes

Best Camp Shoes

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Most of us picture hiking boots or trail runners when we think of a hiking trip. But there’s one more pair of footwear that is equally important – camp shoes! These are your go-to shoes for everything not hiking-related. Most importantly, they function as your comfortable around-camp shoes after the end of a long day – no matter if you’re on one of our USA Hiking Vacations or off on your own trip. However, the best camp shoes can also serve as your river-crossing shoes to avoid soaking your regular hiking footwear.

But which camp shoes are the best? There are so many options out there; how do we tell what’s durable enough, comfortable enough, and lightweight enough to earn its spot in our hiking bag? Don’t worry; we’ve done the testing for you and compiled our favorites right here. This is our list of the best camp shoes currently on the market, along with some buying advice to make sure you find the perfect pair for your next adventure.

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KEY CONSIDERATIONS for the best Camp Shoes

Water Friendly

We often recommend having your camp shoes also function as water shoes for the occasional river crossing or swimming excursion. This is simply a method to add another role that hiking boots aren’t cut out for (unless you like hiking in soggy boots) into your camp shoes so that can pull their weight and earn their place in your hiking pack.

To this end, almost all our recommendations below for the best camp shoes will be water-friendly so that they can be both your comfy after-hiking footwear and your river crossing shoes if the need arises.


The main purpose of camp shoes is to give your feet a break after miles and miles of hiking – so make sure they’re comfortable for you! What this comfort means varies from person to person. Perhaps you want something more akin to a sandal so that your feet can breathe as much as possible, or perhaps you want a more sturdy shoe with lots of cushioning.

So think about what will make your feet happiest when they’re sore and tired, and use that to help frame your search for the best camp shoes.

Open Vs. Close-Toed

A classic question for the camp shoe is if you need closed-toed shoes or open-toed. By and large, this comes down to personal preferences, but there are still a few things to think about as you decide on your next camp shoe.

First, closed-toed shoes tend to offer a little bit more protection for rocky river crossings. A pinched or scraped toe is a terrible mood killer on a hike (especially since you’ll have to keep hiking afterward). Additionally, open-toed shoes don’t offer much warmth during chilly nights at camp – which can become especially important during cool shoulder season hikes.

But on the flip side, open-toed camp shoes allow your tired and sweaty feet to get some much-needed airflow at the end of a long day of hiking. Along these same lines, they can also help keep your feet cool and comfortable in hot weather.

So consider these points as you peruse the best camp shoes and think about what you’d prefer to have on your feet at camp.


Your camp shoes can run from just a few dollars for a budget pair of flip-flops (more on these below) all the way up to $100 for a more premium, purpose-built pair of performance footwear. That’s quite a large range, and once again boils down to what you want to get out of your camp shoes.

If you’re just dipping a toe into the hiking world, or planning that one big trip of the summer, then perhaps a more budget-friendly pair of shoes would be the best avenue to take. This allows you to develop your hiking knowledge and preference about the exact type of camp shoes you’d like if you continue to regularly hike in the future.

But if you know that you’ll be hiking regularly and already know the exact type of camp shoe that will work for you, paying a little extra to get exactly what you want may certainly be worth it.

TEVA Original Universal

Best Camp Shoes Overall

PROS: Can work for non-technical hiking – Slim design is easy to pack – Decent cushion  – Very versatile

CONS: Not as durable as other options

LOOKING CLOSER: The TEVA Original Universal Sandals are a very common sight in the backcountry and were among the first hiking sandals on the market. They’re incredibly functional and comfortable and are easily packable thanks to their very slim design. The nice open-toe design is great for giving your feet some air after hiking. Also, these sandals are versatile enough that they can even function as your primary hiking footwear for non-technical excursions. We’ve noticed that they’re not quite a durable as other options, but their versatility and comfort easily make up for this shortcoming.

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Oboz Whakata Coast Slip On

Best Camp Shoes for Foot Cushion

  • best camp shoes oboz whakataMSRP: $60.00
  • SHOE TYPE: Clog
  • WEIGHT (Pair): 14 oz

PROS: Lightweight – Plush cushioning – Good Traction – Secure and comfortable fit

CONS: Bulky to pack – No tightening straps for water crossings

LOOKING CLOSER: Oboz is fairly well known for their OBOZ O FIT insole that offers remarkable underfoot cushioning and support in their heavy-duty hiking boots. Well, they’ve applied that same technology to the Whakata Coast Slip-On Clogs. This very comfortable and supportive fit combines well with improved traction to make these clogs an excellent camp shoe that can also perform well for water crossings. The downside with most clogs, including the Whakata, is that they tend to be a little bulky to pack since they don’t collapse and have a noticeably thick design. But if you’re able to justify allocating space to pack them, these shoes will keep your feet happy at camp.

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TEVA Reember Slip-On

Best Camp Shoes for Cold WEather

  • best camp shoes teva reemberMSRP: $79.95
  • TYPE: Slipper
  • WEIGHT (Pair): 16 oz.

PROS: Very warm – Convenient collapsible heel – Comfortable – Durable sole

CONS: Heavy for a camp shoe – Not waterproof

LOOKING CLOSER: Hiking in the cooler shoulder seasons of Spring and Autumn (or heading up to chilly altitudes) can be absolutely beautiful, but it does make most clogs and sandals a tough sell as camp shoes since these options don’t offer much warmth. Enter the ReEmber Slip Ons from TEVA. These comfortable slippers utilize recycled materials to create a cozy and warm camp shoe that features a durable rubber sole for good traction. They are fairly heavy, however, so it’s worth considering if the warmth and comfort these camp shoes provide are worth the weight of packing them – but for car camping or lodge-based trips, these slippers are a wonderful choice. Lastly, these slippers aren’t waterproof, so they won’t be able to function as river-crossing shoes.

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CHACO Z/Cloud 2

Most Versatile Camp Shoes for Hiking

  • best camp shoe chaco z/cloud 2 MSRP: $105.00
  • TYPE: Sandal
  • WEIGHT (Pair): 1 lb 5 oz

PROS: Good performance for everything (hiking, camp, and water crossings) – Very durable – Great support – Comfortable

CONS: Expensive – Very heavy

LOOKING CLOSER: Sometimes, you just want some footwear for your entire trip that can do everything. One item that offers support for hiking, comfort for the campground, and waterproofing for river crossings. Well, the Chaco Z/Cloud 2 Sandals offer just that. They have a robust and comfortable food bed that includes excellent arch support for the trail, and they stay comfortable, so you don’t feel like you need to change your shoes when you get to camp. Of course, hiking sandals have their own drawbacks to consider (less protection and support for your feet than boots), but having a single pair of sandals that work for everything may well be worth it. Keep in mind that the Chaco Z/Cloud 2 Sandals are noticeably heavy and may be hard to justify as solely a camp shoe that you’ll need to carry into the backcountry.

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Merrell Hydro Next Gen Moc

Best Water-FOcused Camp Shoe

  • best camp shoes hydro moc next genMSRP: $90.00
  • TYPE: Clog
  • WEIGHT (Pair): Unavailable

PROS: Good price – Snug fit for water crossings – Decent traction – Comfortable

CONS: Not as sleek looking as other options – Bulky for packing

LOOKING CLOSER: Merrell has put a lot of effort into making the Merrell Hydro Moc one of the highest-performing clogs on the market today, and they’ve introduced a redesigned Next Gen Hydro Moc this year to further that goal. These shoes have a very athletic and secure fit – thanks to the snug and comfortable heel design – and stay in place while moving through water. The deep lug pattern also provides good traction during these crossings. The Hydro Moc is also very plushly padded and very comfortable for around camp at the end of the day when you need to give your feet a break from those boots.

Looking closer at the most recent redesign, Merrell eliminated the previous heel strap and instead opted for a more “hands-free” approach with a super supportive and comfortable heel cup that no longer needs the strap for support. The Next Gen Hydro Moc also features a new rubber outsole for improved traction in all conditions.

We’ll admit that these shoes are a little bulky for camp or water-crossings only. But the excellent comfort they offer may certainly make that drawback worth it for some hikers.

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Honorable Mentions

Best Camp Shoes

Classic Crocs

  • best camp shoes classic crocMSRP: $49.95
  • TYPE: Clog
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • WEIGHT (Pair): 13 oz.

PROS: Very comfortable – Good price – Many people already own a pair

CONS: Less secure fit (makes water crossings more difficult – Less traction

LOOKING CLOSER: The classic Crocs have become ubiquitous in any number of settings over the years, and they can also add the title of “camp shoe” to their list of uses. As the token Crocs wearer in your friend group has probably explained at least once, Crocs offer exceptional comfort thanks to their very plush foam padding. This makes them a solid camp shoe to slip on after a long day of wearing hiking boots, and they can also suffice for basic water crossings – be aware that Crocs don’t have an overly secure fit, however, and may try to slip off your feet in swiftly moving water. This drawback, combined with their low traction sole, makes them less adventurous than other options on our list, but they can still function tolerably well as a camp shoe.

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Unisex Sizing

Budget-Friendly Flip Flops

Example Pictured: Teva ReFlip

  • best camp shoes teva reflipMSRP: $10-$50
  • TYPE: Sandal
  • WEIGHT (Pair): 5 to 10 oz

PROS: Cheap – Lightweight – Easy to pack

CONS: Not very durable – Little support

STRAIGHT TALK: Flip-flops are a common sight in campgrounds around the world, and they certainly have something to offer the budget-conscience hiker. Your standard flip-flops are remarkably lightweight and cheap, making them an easy option to pack for a trip to the backcountry. However, it’s worth being aware that flip-flops tend to be much less durable than purpose-built camp shoes and also have less traction and stability for river crossings. You can easily pick up flip-flops at any of your local clothing stores before you head into the backcountry, also making them very accessible if you’re in a time crunch.

As an example, we’ve included a link to Teva ReFlip flip-flop below.

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