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Majestic caribou bull in front of the mount Denali, ( mount Mckinley), Alaskal
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Alaska Hiking & Walking Tours

Soaring summits, spectacular fjords, ancient glaciers and abundant wildlife. Go Wild in Alaska.

Alaska is a wonderland full of remote and exciting adventure opportunities for the active traveler. Our Alaska hiking trips feature the best of America’s last frontier. Explore Denali National Park and the amazing Kenai Fjords National Park for an all-around experience of the mountainous and the coastal wonders of Alaska.

Choose from an inn-based hiking tour with premier lodging (Heart of Alaska); an inn-based tour with more rustic and authentic Alaska wilderness lodging experiences (Authentic Alaska: Mountains, Rivers and Coastlines); two iconic Alaska backpacking trips (Wild Alaska Coast & Glacier Trek and Classic Alaska Backpacking Adventure), and a camping/yurt based trip for a backcountry experience without the multi-day backpacks. Finally, we offer two late winter/early spring snowshoe and northern lights tours that showcase the wonders of Alaska between Anchorage and Fairbanks in its most peaceful and serene season (one Northbound and one Southbound.)

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More Information About Hiking Alaska

When is the Best Time to Hike Alaska?

Alaska is a massive state, with a variety of ecosystems and microclimates, so this is a complicated question. The best time to hike Alaska depends on which region you’re heading to. If you’re looking to hike in one of the coastal areas such as the Kenai Peninsula, Kachemak Bay, Homer Area, or Southeast Alaska areas around Juneau or Ketchikan, then mid May through mid September is excellent. If you’re interested in trekking the interior in places like Denali National Park, the Talkeetnas, The Alaska Range, the Wrangell-St. Elias Range, or the Brooks Range, then July and August are the best times to visit.

When is the Best Time to Visit Alaska?

In terms of general visitation to Alaska and the best time to go, it’s similar to hiking in that it depends on where you’re headed, and what you want to see. If you’d like to experience the Northern Lights, you’ll want to focus on the fall, winter and spring months (August through April). The long summer days make it much more difficult to see the Northern Lights. If you’re interested in more of a typical visit to Alaska, May through mid September is excellent. The coastal areas will be more enjoyable than the interior regions in May and June, and July through mid September it’s all excellent. It can be rainy in Alaska year round, so come prepared!

Which Month is the Best Month to Hike Alaska?

The best months to hike Alaska are July and August. The hiking season is relatively short due to the harsh winters and rainy autumn months. Mosquitoes can peak in June and July (this timeframe varies though depending on elevation and region).

Which Month is the Best Month to Visit and Hike Alaska?

The best month visit and hike Alaska is August. August is often the driest month of the year, the warmest month of the year, and the least buggy month of the summer. However, July is still excellent, and the first week or two of September is often very good. In the coastal areas May and June are also wonderful times to hike.

What Month is Best to see Glaciers in Alaska?

May through September are the best months to see glaciers in Alaska. Due to the long days, comparatively moderate weather and lack of snow, you will be able to access most glaciers during this timeframe. Some glaciers require hiking higher up into the mountains, such as Hubbard, Spencer, Raven and McBride Glaciers, so July and August are the best months for these ones.

Does Alaska Have Good Hiking?

Yes! Alaska has absolutely amazing hiking. Many of the hikes in Alaska – especially backcountry routes – are not on trails but are rather off trail. Popular areas like Denali National Park and the Kenai Peninsula do have hiking trails. If you tackle a backcountry hike, be sure you’re skills are solid or join an Alaska hiking tour with a reputable company.

How to Hike Safely in Alaska

The biggest dangers of hiking in Alaska are bears and weather. Both of these concerns can be well mitigated by joining a guiding company on an Alaska hiking tour or Alaska backpacking tour. For bears, it’s best to hike in groups, make noise while you hike, carry bear spray, keep a clean camp, don’t take anything with scents or odors into your tent, and avoid hiking and dawn and dusk. In terms of weather, it’s important to be a seasoned wilderness traveler, especially in mountain environments. Have the right gear, have enough food, have the appropriate clothing, know how to use all of this stuff and make good decisions, and you should be good. If you have doubts, or want to hike with an increased level of safety, go with an expert by joining a guided Alaska trek.

What Are the Best Months to Backpacking Alaska?

Along the coast, the best months for backpacking are May, June, July and August. In the interior, the best months for Alaska backpacking are July and August. The first week or two of September can also be excellent. After mid September, the autumn rains set in and it’s much less enjoyable.

What is the Famous Trail in Alaska?

The most famous trail in Alaska isn’t even a hiking trail! The Iditarod Trail, which is the route the famous Iditarod dog sled race follows, goes across south-central Alaska and the interior of Alaska. This amazing and famous Alaskan trail is the exclusive winter trail registered in the National Trails System and the one and only National Historic Trail in Alaska that has been designated by congress.