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Hut to Hut Treks

Explore the wilderness and sleep in permanent structures.

Our hut to hut treks are opportunities to hike and explore amazing landscapes and stay in cozy, permanent structures. Generally, “huts” refer to backcountry accommodations other than camping. The huts vary depending by location. For example, in Iceland our mountain huts are communal, basic accommodations that provide a warm, dry place to rest in often variable weather. In Patagonia we stay in Refugios, which are also communal but are more elaborate. In Nepal, we stay in teahouses, which can be as elaborate as a motel or much more basic.

Whether you want to explore the majesty of the White Mountains in New Hampshire, the Himalayas in Nepal, New Zealand’s stunning mountains or other destinations, join us on a hut to hut hiking adventure!

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More About Hut to Hut Treks

What exactly is a “hut”?

“Hut” is a general term we use for any remote, off-the-grid, basic accommodation. Huts can include South American refugios, Himalayan teahouses, national park structures such as those in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, or quite elaborate backcountry hotels such as those in Norway and the Alps.

What Amenities do the Huts Have?

The accommodations and amenities on our Hut to Hut Treks vary significantly by location. Amenities range from running water, hot showers, flush toilets, private rooms and electricity to in some cases none of these things. However, the huts we utilize on these trips are always cozy, warm, dry and clean and guests can expect to have a high quality experience.

Why Join a hut to Hut Excursion?

Backcountry huts and structures provide several important benefits.

  1. First and foremost, the huts furnish dry, warm sleeping accommodations in often remote or inhospitable environments like the wilderness of Iceland, Himalayan highlands, the fjords of Norway, the backcountry of Torres del Paine in Patagonia and other destinations.
  2. Huts allow us to hike with generally lighter backpacks than on backpacking trips. This is a wonderful change of pace for people who have joined us for many backpacking trips. It’s also a great way for guests who haven’t done extensive backcountry hikes to venture into a new type of adventure.
  3. These trips are profoundly scenic. Iceland, Norway, the Alps, New Zealand, Patagonia, Nepal, the White Mountains…. These areas are world class trekking destinations, and in some of these areas classic backpacking trips are not feasible or good options. What this means is the huts allow us to explore these amazing destinations.