Best Rain Pants

Best Rain Pants

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Nothing can spell disaster for a hiking trip faster than a rainstorm rolling in. But that’s why we have rain pants. This outer layer is specially designed to deflect rain to keep you dry during your adventure or block wind on chilly days so you can stay nice and warm. However, there are hundreds of options on the market, and how are you supposed to find the best rain pants?

That’s where this guide comes in! We’ve selected the best rain pants for hiking and backpacking adventures and compiled them right here for you to consider. We’ve critiqued these pants based on their weight, bulk, rainproofing, breathability, and extra features. So let’s start with the top considerations for choosing rain pants and then move into our recommendations.

If you’re looking for complete rain protection, also take a look at our guide to the top rain jackets.

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Weight is a very important consideration for all clothing and equipment on trekking and backcountry hiking trips. None of our selections below are heavy by any standard. Nevertheless, there are still a variety of weights to consider. In the world of rain pants, we often see the durability and performance decrease with lower weight options and vice versa. As a result, determining the right balance between weight, price, durability, and performance will help decide which is the best option for your needs.


Rain pants are critical for almost any successful hiking trip, yet we want them to take up as little space in our packs as possible. Therefore, packability is a critical factor to consider when looking for the best rain pants. We’ve given each of our selections below a packability rating to help you find the right option for you. But remember that very packable – i.e., lightweight and thin material – options may sacrifice durability in order to achieve that rating.


Rain pants, like any other outer layer, are designed for function over comfort. Their primary purpose is to keep you dry, not to substitute for your ultra-comfy fleece layer. Therefore, keep in mind that a high comfort rating is scaled to this particular type of garment and doesn’t mean that these rainpants can double as cozy sleepwear. In this regard, the comfort rating refers to the rain pants’ feel for hiking. Are they restrictive or offer an excellent range of motion? Does the waistband pinch or the ankle zipper rub uncomfortably? So if you find the best rain pants with an excellent comfort rating, just keep in mind that these rain pants will function very well for hiking over long periods and not be immediately uncomfortable.


Like comfort, the breathability rating is also on a scale for rain pants. A highly breathable pair of rain pants is nothing like a very breathable mesh t-shirt. Remember, rain pants are designed to lock out bad weather, and they naturally start at the absolute bottom in terms of breathability – think a straight plastic layer. With that in mind, rain pants with good or excellent breathability ratings have improved upon zero breathability for a little airflow. However, they will probably still feel very stifling compared to your normal activewear. But when we’re working hard on a hiking trip, a slight improvement in breathability can have significant results!

Do I Need Rain Pants?

Some hikers often conclude that the added weight and bulk of rain pants are too much trouble for the protection the garment offers. There’re a number of factors that play into this decision-making, a few of the most common reasons to not wear rain pants are:

  • It’s hot, and I’ll overheat in rain paints.
  • My shoes aren’t waterproof, so why bother with rain pants if my feet are getting soaked anyway?
  • I wear thin and quick-drying shorts/pants when hiking, and I don’t mind if they get wet.

On the flip side, there is still a multitude of reasons why rain pants can be a crucial item to bring. To this end, some key reasons to bring rain pants are:

  • There are cool to cold temperatures in the forecast, and rain pants also act as a wind barrier to retain heat.
  • I have waterproof hiking boots, and rain pants will help keep them from getting wet.
  • I’m hiking in cooler weather where the rain is cold, and I don’t want to get soaked and chilled.

rei co-op rainier rain pants

best rain pants for hiking

  • Best Rain Pants - REI RainierMSRP: $99.95
    • Men’s: 12 oz
    • Women’s 10.6 oz
  • PACKABILITY: Excellent
  • BREATHABILITY: Excellent

PROS: Comfort – Warmth – Durability – Ease of use (full zips) – Adjustable cuffs

CONS: Noisy – Run large – A little bulky

STRAIGHT TALK: We love REI’s Rainier Full-Zip Rain Pants! They provide solid protection from rain, wind, and snow with great breathability. What makes them even better are their full-length side zippers, which can be used for venting or pulling them on or off over muddy boots or crampons. These pants are also reasonably durable and should last years if you take care of them. On top of all of that, they’re also affordable. Put all these points together, and we have some of the best rain pants for hiking and backpacking on the market.

For this year’s update in particular, REI managed to trim a little weight from these pants while still maintaining its very budget friendly price. The latter point is even more appreciated in a market where it seems that most gear prices are increasing, but the Rainier pants are staying very reasonably priced.

The only downsides we see in REI’s Rainier pants are that they are a bit noisy when walking and are not as light as some other options – but they are certainly not heavy. Finally, they tend to run large, so keep this in mind when picking out a size. REI has a “1-year return for any reason” policy, so if they don’t fit, you can always exchange them for the next size up or down.



Outdoor Research Foray and Aspire GTX

runner up: best rain pants for hiking

  • best rain pants outdoor research forayMSRP: $180.00
    • Men’s: 12.1 oz
    • Women’s: 10 oz
  • BREATHABILITY: Excellent

PROS: Great mobility – Phenomenal waterproofing – Durable – Breathable

CONS: Heavier than other options – Minimal pockets – Expensive

LOOKING CLOSER: Outdoor Research has some truly stellar gear on the market, and their Aspire (Women’s) and Foray (Men’s) line are some of their best. These rain pants feature bombproof Gore-Tex waterproofing incased in a stretchy and mobile fabric that moves with you in the backcountry. The overall cut is also nicely trim/athletic, eliminating the awkward bagginess that we sometimes see with other rain pants. We do wish that Outdoor Research had included more in the pocket department, but we sure can’t argue with the rain protection these pants provide.

So overall, the OR Foray and Aspire rain pants are a fantastic choice for hikers who plan on using their rain pants and chasing adventure through any type of weather. If you’re looking for a “just in case” pair of rain pants and you don’t actively plan on hiking in the rain, then there are plenty of much lighter and more packable items out there that may fit that particular bill. But for burly rain protection that will keep up mile after mile, you can’t go wrong with the Aspire and Foray.

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outdoor research helium rain pants

best lightweight rain pants

  • Best Rain Pants - Outdoor Research HeliumMSRP: $130.00
    • Men’s: 5.3 oz
    • Women’s: 6.1 oz
  • PACKABILITY: Excellent

PROS: Incredibly lightweight – Packable – Great mobility for hiking – Comfortable

CONS: Less durable than other options – Short ankle zipper makes it hard to pull over boots

STRAIGHT TALK: When it comes to finding the best rain pants that won’t weigh you down, nothing beats the Outdoor Research Helium. These pants are half the weight of other contenders yet offer excellent rain protection and unhindered mobility on the trail. This option can truly disappear into your pack by taking up almost no space but be handy and easy to deploy if you get caught in bad weather. However, keep in mind that the Helium Rain Pants sacrifice durability for low weight, and you’ll need to treat these pants carefully, so they don’t rip or tear on the trail. But if you have your eye on lightweight hiking, these rain pants are for you!

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Black Diamond Stormline Stretch

Best Rain Pants for Movement and Comfort

  • Best Rain Pants - Black Diamond Stormline StretchMSRP: $140.00
    • Men’s: 7.6 oz
    • Women’s: 7.6 oz
  • PACKABILITY: Excellent

PROS: Stretchy material doesn’t hold you back – Drawcord-adjustable waist – Very comfortable – Gusseted seat and articulated knees for improved movement

CONS:  Only one pocket

STRAIGHT TALK: Black Diamond has put a great deal of time into creating a waterproof material that will protect you on the trail but not restrict your movement at the same time. So many rain layers offer zero stretch and will quickly impede your range of motion (especially on technical terrain), but not so with the Black Diamond Stormline Rain Pants. The ultra-stretchy fabric utilizes Black Diamond’s BD.dry technology to offer excellent protection from both rain and wind while still matching your movement no matter where you go. The adjustable waist and articulated knees also add to the Stormline’s overall comfort, making them some of the best rain pants for ease of movement on the market. So for freedom of movement, the Stormline is easily one of the best rain pants for hiking and backpacking, while also managing to hit the middle ground in terms of price.

Note that Black Diamond offers a full-length zipper version of the Stormline Stretch if you prefer this feature.



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REI Co-op Trailmade Rain Pants

Best Rain Pants For the Budget-Minded Hiker

  • Best Rain Pants - REI EssentialMSRP: $69.95
  • WEIGHT: 
    • Men’s: 7.7 ounces
    • Women’s: 7.0 ounces
  • PACKABILITY: Excellent
  • BREATHABILITY: Acceptable

PROS: Very affordable – Decent rain protection – Windproof

CONS: Low durability – Limited ventilation (short side zips)

STRAIGHT TALK: REI’s Trailmade Rain Pants are functional, reasonably lightweight, and packable. They will provide decent protection (but not as reliable as Gore-Tex) from rain, snow, and wind for a very accessible price, but they do lag behind the higher-quality competition in a few significant ways. The biggest downsides are their 2.5-layer nylon design – which reduces durability – and a difficult on/off process due to the short side zips. These rain pants also tend to get more clammy on the inside because of reduced breathability. But overall, these rain pants get the job done for folks who value budget over nice-but-not-necessary perks or for people who don’t plan on using them often.



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