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Our hike along death canyon shelf trail in the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming
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Our Tetons hiking trips include an inn-based tour, backpacking trips and llama treks that showcase the breathtaking scenery of these famous mountains.

Picture yourself at the base of a broad alpine basin, with a mountain creek trickling down from the high peaks, with wildflowers strewn across a meadow and patches of snow still clinging to the north-facing slopes of several ridges. Above you looms the Grand Teton, one of America’s most iconic natural landmarks. Its blocky, sheer face towers into the sky. Here you are, gazing up at arguably America’s most famous mountain, and you’ve only seen a couple other groups of hikers over the last several days. Welcome to the Tetons!

Our Tetons hiking trips include an inn-based tour to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, as well as multiple backpacking trips and llama treks that take you deep into the Jedediah Smith Wilderness, which comprises the entire west slope of the Tetons. These trips are all-inclusive, small group adventures that get you up and close and personal with the grandeur that characterizes these incredible mountains!

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