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Make the Most of Winter

A snowshoe or ski tour is a phenomenal way to enjoy the solitude and serenity of winter.

Winter in America’s national parks is a very special season. Just 12% of the annual visits to our national parks come between December and February. What this means is that you can explore and enjoy the majesty of these national treasures in their most peaceful and serene season.

We offer multiple skiing and snowshoe tours (mostly snowshoe) across the USA. Tour options include :

  • Multi-day ski and snowshoe tours into Yellowstone’s winter wonderland with geysers, wildlife, wilderness and hot springs.
  • Multi-day and single day snowshoe tours in Rocky Mountain National Park where Colorado’s extraordinary mountain landscapes mesmerize guests.
  • Multi-day and single day snowshoe tours in Yosemite National Park, one of which is a hut-based backcountry adventure.

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