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Wildflowers and sunset over Blue Ridge Mountains
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North Carolina's Smoky and Blue Ridge mountains represent the heart of Appalachia.

North Carolina and Tennessee are home to multiple, enchanting mountain ranges including the Great Smoky Mountains and the Blue Ridge Mountains outside Asheville, both part of the greater Appalachian Range. The Smoky and Blue Ridge mountains represent the heart of Appalachia, and contain much that hikers from around the world come to experience on the famous Appalachian Trail and surrounding wilderness.

Our North Carolina hiking and backpacking tours focus on Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the amazing mountains surrounding Asheville. We offer backpacking trips, portered hikes, inn-based hiking tours, paddle and hike trips, and day hikes in these areas. Our tours are all-inclusive and expert led, allowing guests to focus 100% on enjoying their journey through Appalachia!

Quartz high in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville

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Explore the Appalachian Mountains with Wildland Trekking!

The Great Smoky and Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee are a wonderland of beauty and adventure. Find out why this amazing region is a great choice for your next hiking vacation!

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The mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee offer a wealth of opportunities for a rich and rewarding hiking vacation. Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a lush, stunning national park with a phenomenal network of hiking trails that take adventurous visitors to waterfalls, breathtaking viewpoints, high mountain ridges, deep valleys, incredibly biodiverse ecosystems, and historical sites. The Blue Ridge Mountains outside Asheville offer many of the same highlights but with fewer people and amazing geologic phenomena. The opportunity to explore these eastern mountains is one our guests remember forever.


Many people choose to hike North Carolina and Tennessee on guided tours, and many choose to hike on their own. The benefits of joining an Appalachian hiking tour with Wildland Trekking are many:

  • Let us take care of permits, local transportation, gear, meals and more so you can focus 100% on the hiking experience.
  • Travel light without having to pack and travel with all the camping/backpacking gear necessary on backcountry hikes.
  • Eat like a king or queen with fantastic Appalachian cuisine, regardless of whether you join a camping or inn-based tour.
  • Learn about the amazing natural and cultural history of Appalachia
  • Enjoy an increased level of safety as you hike with professional guides.


In North Carolina and Tennessee we offer Appalachian backpacking trips, portered treks, inn-based hiking tours, paddle and hike trips, and day hike tours. Backpacking trips are best for guests looking to challenge themselves and experience the wilder side of Appalachia. Portered treks are for folks who want to hike and camp in the backcountry but hike with light backpacks. Inn-based tours offer the opportunity to enjoy a diverse and exceptional selection of hikes and wonderful, local accommodations and meals at night. Our paddle and hike trips combine lake kayaking with hiking and, on the multi-day tour, camping. And our day hikes are for people who want to make the most of their time in Appalachia, but who have limited time. Whichever trip style you choose, we’ll make your North Carolina hiking trip an unforgettable adventure!

We also offer fall foliage tours that showcase the wonders of the changes of the leaves in the Appalachian Region. Trip styles include inn-based tours and backpacking trips.