New Zealand Hiking Tours

Snow-capped New Zealand Mountains, South Island


New Zealand is a must-do destination for anyone who loves to hike and travel!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s effects on international travel and border restrictions, we are currently suspending all trips to New Zealand. We do hope to have this destination active again in the near future. For now, we heartily recommend checking out Norway, Iceland or Alps trips for similar alternatives.

New Zealand is without a doubt one of the best trekking destinations in the world. A country incredibly rich in natural beauty and opportunities for adventure, and home to some of the friendliest people you’ll ever encounter anywhere, it’s a must-do destination for anyone who loves to hike and travel. New Zealand, located in the southern hemisphere, provides a fantastic place for North Americans and Europeans to escape winter and enjoy summer trekking in December, January and February.

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New Zealand is a stunningly beautiful country with towering, glaciated peaks; breathtaking coastal areas; and jaw-dropping mountain lakes, forests, rivers and waterfalls. Also, being in the Southern Hemisphere, its summer is December through February, which makes it a phenomenal trekking destination during the winter months in the USA, Canada and Europe. Finally, New Zealand is best discovered on foot. Its unique natural features and gorgeous scenery most come to life when out on the trails (“tracks” in the local vernacular). The New Zealand government has done a wonderful job of conserving remote backcountry areas in the national parks and hiking and trekking are some of the only ways to see these wilderness landscapes up close and personal.


Wildland Trekking trips are all-inclusive, so you can focus 100% on enjoying your international trekking experience. We pick you up at the airport, provide all meals and accommodations, and drop you back at the airport on the final day. International travel can be cumbersome to plan with efficiency and to find the best activities and destinations in the area. We take care of that for you. Our only goal is that our guests safely get the absolute most out of their vacation. With all-inclusive trips, meticulously designed itineraries, detailed logistical planning, thorough risk management, and premier local partners, our international treks are designed for people who want to hike with the best. All we do is hiking and trekking, and we’re experts at it.


New Zealand is a fantastic destination to hike on your own or with a guide. It’s an exceedingly friendly country with a very low crime rate, which makes for great DIY vacations. On the other hand, there’s so much to see and so much remote backcountry to explore that trying to make the most out of a trip can be daunting. Going with a guide company like Wildland Trekking ensures guests see and experience the best there is, to learn about the natural and cultural history of the region, explore the backcountry with a high level of safety, not have to travel with gear and supplies, and let us handle the tedious details of finding and reserving accommodations, transportation, permits, gear rentals and more. Either way, New Zealand is well worth a visit!