Visiting Zion in June

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Visiting Zion in June

Learn all about what to expect visiting Zion National Park in June

June is a great time of year to visit Zion National Park. The valley of Zion Canyon is lush with flora, the Virgin River is rushing quick and clean, and wildlife is frolicking in the warm sun. There are many benefits to visiting Zion in June, as well as some drawbacks. Below we have categorized the most common “when-to-go” questions to help you determine if June is the best month for you to visit Zion National Park.

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Benefits of Visiting Zion in JUNE

The biggest benefit of visiting Zion in June is the plethora of activities you can enjoy. Anything from hiking to backpacking, rock climbing to canyoneering, and bicycling to off-roading is available for visitors. The weather is very warm in June, but provides beautiful blue skies, and amazing chances for sunrise and sunset photography.

Drawbacks of Visiting in JUNE

The biggest drawback of visiting Zion in June is the crowds. Spring, summer and fall are the busiest seasons in Zion National Park. This means long lines for the shuttle buses, and limited parking inside the park. To avoid the stress of navigating the busy National Park, and for help getting off the beaten path, we recommend booking a trip with a guiding company.

If spring or summer is the only time of year that you can make it to Zion, here are some tips to avoid the crowds:

1. Get to the park early: the earlier you get to Zion, the more likely you are to get a parking spot; and the more of the park you have to yourself before the crowds arrive.

2. Visit Kolob Canyons: The Zion Canyon is small and crowded—since most visitors spend the majority of their time there. Whereas, Kolob Canyons are in a more isolated area of the park, provide incredible and unique views, and is much less travelled.

3. Go on a picnic: avoid the eateries at busy eating times, and choose to go on a picnic instead. You can stop at the grocery in Springdale before heading into the park. There are wonderful places along the river and in the shadows of the cliffs above you for a picnic meal.

4. Read our list of trails less traveled: these trails will give you a better chance for incredible views with less of a crowd.

Things To Do In JUNE

Hiking is absolutely ideal in June—with trails ranging from easy to strenuous, there is something for everyone in Zion National Park, giving you the chance to experience the best of Zion from amazing vantage points. You can read our list of best trails in Zion for recommendations.

Bicycling through Zion Canyon is fantastic in June, letting you avoid the crowds of the shuttle bus, and feeling the crisp spring air whoosh past you as you cruise down the road without cars. Shuttle buses have bike racks in front if you wish to take your bicycle on them. Canyoneering and rock climbing are also popular activities in the park, and June is a great time to do them. Be sure to check out our best tours page for more details.


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Hiking in JUNE

Hiking and backpacking is wonderful in June. Trails to high elevation give you amazing and panoramic views of the canyon below, alive with flora and fauna. There are also wonderful trails along the valley floor, that take you next to the rushing Virgin River, through the cattails and lush cottonwoods. With trails that range from easy to moderate to strenuous, all ages and levels of ability are able to enjoy hiking in Zion. Make sure you read the current conditions for up-to-date information. And, read our page about backpacking permits for information on planning a backpacking trip.

Camping tours are a wonderful option for seeing much of Zion and nearby Snow Canyon. The company takes care of all the planning, accommodations and meals, and provides approriate gear, so you can enjoy your trip without any of the stress that comes with planning a National Park vacation.

Day hiking tours are great for those who want to maximize their limited time in park, while gaining knowledge from a local and experienced guide.

Weather in JUNE

June is typically hot in Zion National Park. Be sure to take at least 3-liters of water with you, especially because you may not have access to your car if you are riding the shuttle bus. The average temperature for Zion Canyon in June is a high of 92, and a low of 60 degrees Fahrenheit (33/15 degrees Celsius). In Kolob Canyons, the average temperature is a high of 84, and a low of 51 degrees Fahrenheit (28/10 degrees Celsius). On average, it rains 3 days during the month of June.

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Guided Zion treks are all-inclusive which covers permits; local transportation (excluded on certain tours); meals; equipment; safety systems and professional hiking/wilderness guides; all of which allows visitors to maximize their time in Zion and focus entirely on enjoying the Park.


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