Best Time to Visit Grand Canyon

Best Time to Visit

Learn about the best time to visit Grand Canyon based on what activities you'd like to do.

There are several factors to take into account when deciding when to visit the Grand Canyon. The first is weather, and we’ve used that as a determining metric in our advice below. Second is crowds – how crowded of an environment are you willing to tolerate and still enjoy? And finally, the activities you’re interested in doing at the Canyon will affect when you should visit.

Below we’ve categorized the “when to go” question based on what you want to do, and we’ve used multiple secondary variables including weather and crowds, to give the best advice possible.

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The Grand Canyon spans roughly 300 miles in length and over a mile in depth. The depth especially has a profound effect on the climates and temperatures inside and on the rims of the Canyon. At the bottom of the Canyon, at an elevation of roughly 2500 feet (the elevation of Tucson) is a very arid, hot desert. On the rims (which are at elevations of 7000-8000 feet) are mountain ecosystems consisting of pines and aspen forests with four solid seasons, plenty of snow in the winter, and intense thunderstorms in the summer.

Taking climate and weather into account is important when deciding when to visit the Grand Canyon.


Month South Rim Phantom Ranch Days of Precip
Avg Hi Avg Lo Avg Hi Avg Lo
January 44°F (7°C) 18°F (-8°C) 58°F (3°C) 38°F (14°C) 5 Days
February 48°F (9°C) 18°F (-8°C) 64°F (18°C) 42°F (6°C) 5 Days
March 55°F (13°C) 22°F (-6°C) 72°F (22°C) 47°F (8°C) 6 Days
April 61°F (16°C) 26°F (-3°C) 82°F (28°C) 54°F (12°C) 3 Days
May 71°F (22°C) 36°F (2°C) 92°F (33°C) 63°F (17°C) 2 Days
June 82°F (28°C) 43°F (6°C) 103°F (39°C) 72°F (22°C) 1 Days
July 85°F (29°C) 50°F (10°C) 106°F (41°C) 77°F (25°C) 5 Days
August 82°F (28°C) 49°F (9°C) 103°F (39°C) 74°F (23°C) 6 Days
September 76°F (24°C) 43°F (6°C) 96°F (35°C) 69°F (21°C) 4 Days
October 65°F (18°C) 33°F (1°C) 83°F (28°C) 58°F (14°C) 3 Days
November 52°F (11°C) 24°F (-4°C) 68°F (20°C) 46°F (8°C) 3 Days
December 45°F (7°C) 18°F (-8°C) 58°F (14°C) 38°F (3°C) 4 Days


Photographer at the South RimIf you’re mainly wanting to sightsee, you will be staying at the rim, either South Rim or North Rim. The North Rim is closed from early November through May 15, but the South Rim is open year round. Summer is the best time of year to sightsee at the Canyon. High temperatures are often in the 80s, and afternoon rain showers in July, August and September cool things down beautifully and create dramatic skies and views over the Canyon’s sheer depths. Winter months can be cold, windy, and snowy on the rims, so if sightseeing is your main interest, avoid winter months. Spring and fall are often beautiful times to sightsee but it can still be cold with late or early snow storms, wind…etc.



hiker on the South Kaibab TrailIf you’re going to hike or backpack in the Grand Canyon, it means you’ll be going below – and often far below – the pine-forested rims. As you descend, the Canyon turns to desert and warms quickly. At the very bottom of the Canyon the high temperatures in summer are often well above 100 degrees fahrenheit in the shade. For this reason we recommend not hiking to the bottom of the Canyon or backpacking in the summer unless you with a guide company or are very experienced with desert hiking. Spring, fall and winter are the best times for hiking in the Canyon, and winter is a favorite for guides because you can escape the crowds and have it mostly to yourself.


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Black Bridge over the Colorado RiverThe Colorado River runs through the hottest, driest portion of the Canyon (the bottom), but its waters flow out of the bottom of Lake Powell and remain a frosty 52ish degrees fahrenheit through the Canyon. So getting soaked in the rapids can be shockingly cold or wonderfully refreshing, depending on the time of year. The best time for rafting the Grand Canyon is April through October. The shoulder months (April and October mainly) can be quite chilly, but feasible. May and September are beautiful. June is very hot and dry, and July and August are monsoon months so thunderstorms, heavy rains and flooding are very possible.


Watch Tower at the East EntranceWithout a doubt the best time to avoid crowds at Grand Canyon is winter: December, January and February. You may at first think “Yeah, I don’t want to be there in the winter either!” But it’s an excellent time of year to visit for other reasons as well. For one, winter hiking can be perfect. As you descend, the temperatures steadily rise, until at the bottom of the Canyon winter highs are often in the 60s or even 70s. Another reason is the stunning views of snow contrasting with the other colors in the canyon. Winter storms and blue skies can set the stage for absolutely stunning photography.


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