Phantom Ranch Tour

South Rim Village, AZ
5.0 (55 reviews)

Trip Highlights

  • Historic Backcountry Lodge
  • Famous Trails
  • Mighty Colorado River
  • Layover Day (3-day Trip)
  • Hike without Overnight Gear
  • Wonderful Lodge & Picnic Meals


Fantastic for families, small groups, or solo travelers, this Grand Canyon hike is a classic choice. Our Phantom Ranch hiking tour combines great hiking, phenomenal views, two nights at historic Phantom Ranch (can cool off in summer, warm up in winter), and time to explore the bottom of the Canyon. We spend 2 nights on many tours, allowing us to day hike and explore the bottom of the Canyon on Day 2. Some tour dates feature one night trips. Either way, this classic Grand Canyon trip does not disappoint!

You’ll hike down the famous South Kaibab trail to Phantom Ranch (carrying your clothing and personal items), where you’ll spend two nights. We include a layover day to go on a day hike led by your guide, simply relax, and/or enjoy interpretive talks at Phantom Ranch. On the last day you’ll hike back to the South Rim via the Bright Angel Trail, hiking past Havasupai Gardens (a desert oasis where Native Americans planted crops for centuries) along the way. Give us a call at 1-800-715-HIKE (4453) for more information or to begin the process of creating a trip!

Please Note: from October 21, 2024 through May 14, 2025 this trip will be modified due to the closure of Bright Angel Trail. We will be ascending and descending the dramatic South Kaibab Trail. The final day will be the same as Day 1 in reverse.

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3 Days From USD
$2010 Per Person
2 Days From USD
$1650 Per Person
Private Cabin Option  

Private Cabin Option

In some cases (somewhat rare) we are able to offer groups of 1-4 a private cabin. The cost is four times the scheduled rate, regardless of how many people are in your group. This option does not make the trip private, as the second cabin will be utilized for the guide(s) and additional guests.

Please feel free to call us at 800-715-HIKE (4453) to inquire about this option.

Trip Type: Inn-Based Hiking Tour
Difficulty Level:
Solitude Level:
Group Size: 4-9 Guests
Trip Length: 2-3 Days
Distance: 17MI / 27KM


Scale of 1-5. 1 is least difficult; 5 is most difficult

This trip consists of longer distance hikes (up to 9.5 miles) and extreme elevation changes (over 4000 feet) on good, maintained trails. Logs crossing the trails create tall steps up/down, which increases difficulty. The final important point is that doing this trip between May and September may require hiking in 105+ degree fahrenheit temperatures.

Hiking Distances:

Up to 9.5 mi

Backpack Weight:

15-25 lbs


Lightly Rugged

Max Daily Elev. ↑↓:

4500 ft

Heights Exposure:


Please Note: Terrain, Elevation Gain and Heights Exposure ratings reflect the section or day of the trip with the maximum difficulty of each. Much of the trip is at easier levels. See the trip itinerary for more detailed information.


  • Hiking uphill or downhill with a 15-25 lb backpack for 8-12 hours
  • Maintaining balance and footing on variable, uneven terrain
  • Hiking in 105+ degree farenheit ambient temps may be required in the warmer months (May-Sept). Learn more about desert heat.
  • Hiking with moderate heights exposure
* For an official and complete list of physical requirements, please see our Essential Eligibility Criteria.


1 least solitude, 5 most solitude

We rate this Grand Canyon hike a solitude 2 because it follows two of the most popular trails in the Canyon (South Kaibab and Bright Angel). You can expect as much as an hour of solitude at a time once we’re several miles into the Canyon.

Private Trips

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Our sliding scale for private trips is based on the final number of guests in your group. Rates are per person and do not include sales tax, national park fees or guide gratuity. The final rate is based on the actual number of guests on the trip and may adjust based on cancellations or additions.

Please Note: you can also enjoy a private trip at our normal scheduled rates by filling any empty tour to capacity. However, if group members drop from the tour those spots will automatically become available on our website for instant booking. By purchasing a private trip at the rates listed below, your trip will remain exclusive to your group regardless of cancellations. 

Private Rates FOr This Trip

  • 5+ People: Rate x 1.15.15

*all rates are per person and single supplements apply

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Day 1

  • Shuttle to the South Kaibab TH: 15 minutes
  • Hiking Mileage: 7.5 miles
  • Elevation Loss: 4,800 feet
  • Accommodations: Phantom Ranch Lodge

This famous Grand Canyon hiking tour begins on the South Kaibab Trail, a popular hiking route that offers spectacular views both up and down the Grand Canyon. It’s seven miles of well-maintained hiking to Phantom Ranch. The scene surrounding the Ranch is one of the most charming in the Park as it’s situated at the bottom of the Grand Canyon near the Colorado River and adjacent to Bright Angel Creek. The stream-side setting makes for a true oasis in the desert.

Day 2 (3-day Itinerary Only)

  • Hiking Mileage: 0-7 miles day hiking
  • Elevation Gain/Loss: < 1,000 feet
  • Accommodations: Phantom Ranch Lodge

This is a layover day and a chance to relax and absorb the magic of the Canyon or go on a memorable day hike. Remember your swimsuit for a soak in the cool waters of Bright Angel Creek, catch up on that book you’ve been wanting to read, spend quality time with your family exploring the area, or join your guide for a customized day hike. Hiking options include an off-trail trek up a side canyon with cascades, pools and oases; a breathtaking hike paralleling the Colorado River a thousand feet above it on the Clear Creek Trail; or a relaxing walk on the River Trail.

Important: this trip is operated as either a 2-day or 3-day itinerary, and is confirmed as such in advance. Variation of trip length does not mean guests can choose to leave a trip or early or extend it a day.

Final Day

  • Hiking Mileage: 9.3 miles
  • Elevation Gain: 4,500 feet

Today we’ll pack up and make an early departure for the South Rim. Hiking on the Bright Angel Trail along the Colorado we’ll arrive at Pipe Creek after a couple miles. From here we’ll continue our hike up Pipe Creek to Garden Creek and Havasupai Gardens – a spring that watered seasonal Havasupai garden plots for centuries. From Havasupai Garden it’s a 4.5 mile hike to the South Rim, where we’ll look back over our route and contemplate this once-in-a-lifetime Grand Canyon adventure.

Please Note: We always do everything in our power to follow the set itinerary, however it can change occasionally based on temporary access restrictions, weather, lodging/campground availability, guest ability/injury, natural events like fires and flooding, and other potential causes. Normal terms and conditions apply to trips with itinerary changes.

Trip Dates & Booking


Click on a date to register. You can also click here to request new dates or book through customer service.

Available to Book


This trip is available and bookable online! Click on the date to register now or contact us online to book through our award-winning customer service team!

Going Fast


This trip has 1 or 2 spots remaining and is bookable online! Click on the date to book now or contact us online to book through customer service.

Request a Reservation


This trip is exclusively booked through customer service due to logistics with lodging, permits, staffing, availability, or something else. Please contact us online or call us at 800-715-HIKE (4453) to request a reservation.

Don't see your dates? Call us! We may be able to add new trip dates.

800-715-HIKE (4453)

Trip Details

Trip Details

What's Included

  • 1-2 nights of lodging in the dorms at historic Phantom Ranch
  • Dinners and breakfasts at Phantom Ranch, lunches prepared by your guide
  • Use of a day pack, trekking poles and Microspike crampons during winter months
  • Trained hiking guide(s) with years of personal wilderness and hiking experience, medical certifications, and a passion for leading people into breathtaking landscapes. See Guide Bios.
  • Emergency equipment including a company-issued first-aid kit and communication device (InReach Explorer or satellite phone)
  • Mandatory 5% national park fee that passes through directly to Grand Canyon

What's Not Included

  • Clothes, raingear, and footwear (see recommendations)
  • National park entrance fee
  • Sunscreen, toiletries and personal items
  • Water bottles and a headlamp or flashlight
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Guide gratuity (industry recommendation is 10-20% of trip cost)

Click here to see a printable, downloadable trip information packet with more detailed guidance about what to pack.

Meals: What To Expect

Dinners and two breakfasts will be eaten at Phantom Ranch. Meals at Phantom Ranch are served family style and may require that the group eat at different times. Dinner options will be determined by what is available at time of booking and may include vegetarian chili, steak dinner or beef stew. If you have food allergies or dietary restrictions please discuss with Adventure Consultant prior to booking.

We provide the first breakfast and lunches for the trip. For optimal taste and energy, we supplement all our meals with spices, herbs, oils, cheeses, butter, sugar, and fruits and vegetables. In addition, we provide you with with an assortment of trail mix, snacks, and dried fruits to eat at your own discretion.

We regularly accommodate vegan, vegetarian, kosher and non-gluten diets and will make adjustments for food allergies. These and other special dietary requests may require an additional fee.

Gear We Provide

We provide all group gear which includes the following:

  • Deuter or Osprey backpacks
  • Leki trekking poles
  • Microspike crampons when necessary
  • Company-issued first-aid kit
  • Satellite phone

Guest Packing List

When you register for this tour you’ll receive access to a printable, downloadable trip information packet with a detailed packing list specific to this trip (click here to see it now.) All trips require a sturdy pair of hiking shoes or hiking boots, rain gear, a recommended clothing system, a headlamp or flashlight, a hydration system (water bottles and/or bladder) and other items specific to each trip.

Grand Canyon Conservancy

By traveling on this trip, you’ll directly support our Intrepid Foundation partner, the Grand Canyon Conservancy. Donations help them protect Grand Canyon National Park and support trail restoration, conservation of native plants and wildlife, and educational programs. Learn more about this partnership!

Trip Logistics

Trip Logistics

How do I Register?

Reserve your spot today! In the Trip Dates & Booking section of this page, the green and red dates are bookable online by simply clicking on the date, and blue dates must be booked through our customer service team for a variety of possible reasons. To email our customer service team, you can click here to get the ball rolling. Our adventure consultants will confirm availability, and if you’re ready to register we’ll email you a link to a registration profile. You’ll have 72 hours to complete your profile (and that of any dependents) and pay the deposit.

Feel free to call us for more info – we’re here 7 days a week!

Where Do We Meet?

Unless we tell you otherwise, you will meet your guide and group in the lobby of the Bright Angel Lodge at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon at 5:00 PM the evening before your trip begins. For Private Phantom Ranch Tours your guide can meet you at your hotel in Tusayan or at the South Rim at an agreed upon time.

Click here to see a printable, downloadable trip information packet with more detailed guidance about flights, shuttles, recommended lodging and more.

Travel to the South Rim

All Phantom Ranch trips begin and end at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. The South Rim is located 60 miles north of Williams, Arizona (via highway 64) and 80 miles northwest of Flagstaff (via highway 180). You can fly into Phoenix, Flagstaff, or Las Vegas and either rent a car or take shuttles to reach the South Rim.

Groome Transportation provides 9 trips daily between Phoenix and Flagstaff, and 3 trips daily between Flagstaff and the South Rim. The majority of our Phantom Ranch Tour participants, however, find it most convenient to rent a vehicle and drive from Phoenix or Flagstaff to the South Rim.

Feel free to give us a call at 1-800-715-HIKE (4453) for more information on getting to the South Rim.

Start/End Times

Your guide will inform you of the first day’s rendezvous time and location at the orientation meeting. Generally, you can expect it to be between 4 and 7 am, although the exact time will depend on current weather and road conditions. We will be back to the South Rim normally before 5 PM (this time is not guaranteed, as a variety of circumstances can influence our exact return time) on the final day.

Safety Precautions

Your safety is our top priority. Our hiking tours are led by professional hiking guides, all of whom are wilderness-certified first responders or EMT’s, each with years of guiding and wilderness experience. Guides adhere to standardized risk management protocols in case of any potential or actual incident, and all tours carry an emergency communication device and comprehensive first-aid kit. Additionally we have a “24/7” system through which guides or guests can reach Wildland support personnel at any time.

If you have any further questions about safety, please contact us at 1-800-715-HIKE (4453) for more information.

Essential Eligibility Criteria

Essential Eligibility Criteria (“EEC”) have been specifically identified to help you understand the skills and abilities necessary to participate on each Wildland trip, and they apply uniformly to all potential trip participants, irrespective of the presence or absence of any disability.

Once you identify a trip in which you may be interested, please carefully review the EEC and itinerary details. If after reviewing the EEC that apply to your desired trip, you determine you need an accommodation in order to meet the EEC, please contact us prior to registering to discuss your requested accommodation.

The EEC exist for your own safety and the safety and enjoyment of all participants. If you are unable to meet the EEC for the trip, with or without an accommodation, you are not eligible for that trip. If you register and arrive for a trip for which you do not meet the EEC, you will be disqualified from participation on the trip and will be dismissed or evacuated from the trip without a refund.

Guide Working Parameters

Guides are required to take 8 hours off each 24-hour period to sleep, recuperate, take personal/down time…etc. In addition, as part of the 8 hours off they must sleep/rest or be in their tents/rooms uninterrupted for a minimum of 5 hours each night. We ask guests to respect these requirements and to not interrupt guides’ off time and sleep time unless there is a true emergency.

Age Restrictions

Age restrictions on this trip are as follows:

  • 12 and older to join scheduled tours (mixed groups)
  • 8 and older to join private tours, with final approval and specific logistical requirements (such as porter or stock assist) determined on a case by case basis

Weather in the Grand Canyon

The weather in the Grand Canyon varies tremendously from the rim to the canyon floor, with as much as a 30 degree Fahrenheit difference. For this reason, the Canyon is truly a year-round hiking destination. To be fully prepared, please follow the recommended clothing list closely (this list comes as part of your trip packet when you register). Read below for average high and low temperatures at the South Rim and the Canyon bottom:


MonthSouth RimCanyon Bottom





Phantom Ranch Lodge

1-2 nights

The historical significance and backcountry location of this amazing, rustic lodge at the bottom of the Grand Canyon offers guests an unforgettable inn-based hiking experience!
(10-bed gender-specific dorms, bathrooms, showers, heat, A/C)

*These exact accommodations are not guaranteed. In some instances alternative accommodations of similar quality and location may be used

Trip Reviews

Trip Reviews

  • Average Customer Ratings:

  • 5.0 (55 reviews)
Gerald B


2 years ago

The hike to Phantom Ranch has been a goal of mine for many years. I was very impressed with the care and attention Wildland put into making sure the hike was a safe and memorable one. Our guide Steve was outstanding. He was knowledgeable about the history, terrain and geology of what we were hiking through and he put a great deal of effort into making sure we enjoyed the hike. I look forward to using Wildland again and have already selected them for a long day hike in Rocky Mountain National Park in the next couple of weeks.

Camilla W


2 years ago

This trip was spectacular. Doug is a phenomenal guide. He shared lots of stories about his travels and explained the history and geology of the Grand Canyon throughout our trip. He also took care to explain the dangers we faced and made sure we were all aware of hiking/camping etiquette. Thank you for a terrific experience.

Sandra D

Trip of a Lifetime

2 years ago

Our trek to Phantom Ranch was a fantastic experience. Our guide, Doug was an excellent leader and his knowledge of the history and geology of the area made for an enriching experience. We were captivated by the beauty of the canyon. What a wonderful trek it was! Thanks to Wildland Trekking. We hope to trek with you again.

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