Visiting Peru in October

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Visiting Peru In October

Each month in Peru offers something different than the last - learn about what October offers.

Spring begins in October, and this month rides the line between wet and dry seasons. Weather is more variable than in June through September but is overall more pleasant than in December through March. Days of sunshine mix with days of rain, and if you’re flexible with your plans, you’ll find pockets of wonderful weather without the peak season crowds.

Benefits of Visiting Peru in October

Blue skies are spotted with thick clouds over snowy Peruvian mountains

If you visit Cusco and the Sacred Valley, the low tourism season means lower prices. You’ll find reasonable rates and easy-to-book accommodations. You won’t have to navigate crowds as you walk the cobblestone streets. The warmer weather (especially at night) means you will avoid freezing temperatures on your backpacking trip.

October is also one of the last great months of the year to visit the Amazon. Travel is easy due to low water levels, and animals are active in their search for water.

Drawbacks to Visiting Peru in October

Historic buildings rise higher than the rest f=of the city skyline in a Peruvian city

If you visit in October, you won’t be guaranteed the sunny skies that epitomize the dry season. You may have to be flexible with your plans and be willing to reorganize your travel days based on the weather forecast.

The fog that lingers over Lima for much of the year is slowly dispersing throughout October, but this city still has dreary days of grey overcast.

Things to Do in October

Notorious for it's cloud coverage, Machu Picchu sits high up in the Peruvian mountains.

October is the shoulder season across the country, with mild weather in almost every region.

You can visit any part of Peru and find days of fine conditions.

The Great Amazon River Raft Race is an annual adventure-sport event. Participants paddle through rapids in hand-built watercraft on a three-day journey beginning in Nauta. Teams from across the world flock to Peru to take part in this world-record-winning race (longest-distance raft competition!) The event ends in Iquitos, where participants and spectators gather after three long days.

Hiking in October

The clear alpine lakes of the Peruvian mountains draw hikers in from all over the world.

Some locals consider October to be one of the best months to visit Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley. While the weather is more variable, it is usually not bad enough to ruin a trip. Partly cloudy skies add intrigue as you hike through the cloud forest and traverse deep valleys.

Most multi-day trails, such as the Salkantay Trail and the Ausangate Circuit, are in great condition after the dry season. October is the start of spring in the high mountains, and nighttime temperatures can drop close to freezing. However, mountain passes should still be snow-free.

Weather in October

The bushes match the mustard yellow countryside home in the Peruvian hillside.

In Cusco, temperatures are mild. Daytime temperatures stay around 68°F, while nights drop to 41°F. In the Amazon, temperatures remain hot year-round, with highs in October around 89°F. Coastal weather is dry and sunny, and daytime temperatures are a pleasant 65°F in Lima.


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