Visiting Peru in May

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Visiting Peru In May

Each month in Peru offers something different than the last - learn about what May offers.

May marks the official beginning of the dry season, and thus, trekking season. Crowds and prices are still lower than during peak season, and greenery is lush after the rainy season. Visiting Peru in May is similar to visiting in April, although the weather is increasingly nice and the chance of rain decreases even more. This is one of the best months to travel in Peru, especially if you intend to hop between regions.

Benefits of Visiting Peru in May

Snow capped mountains are covered by clouds as the blue skies peak out in Peru

May is a great month for trekking around Cusco, with fewer crowds along the trails and increasingly sunny skies. Flowers continue to bloom, and the mountainsides are a vibrant green.

Across the country, prices for flights and accommodations are still low compared to the peak tourist months. Transportation and activities are easier to book without the summer crowds.

Temperatures are mild along the coast, in the rainforest, and in the mountains. (However, in the Amazon, temperatures are always high. But they begin to lower in May.) In addition, the dry season begins in May. You can easily hop between destinations without having to worry about the weather.

Temperatures in Lima and along the northern coast have cooled down after a sunny summer,  so it is an enjoyable month to partake in a walking city tour. Prices have dropped and accommodations are easier to secure. In beach towns, facilities are still open as moderate crowds remain.

Drawbacks to Visiting Peru in May

A skyline view with a mountainous backdrop in a city in Peru

In the Amazon, temperatures are high and the air is humid. High water levels still flood the jungles, so many areas are only accessible by boat because trails are underwater.

If you’re visiting Lima, you may witness la garua: the thick cloud of sea fog that hangs low over the city. This fog causes overcast skies in a city that’s usually known for its sunshine.

Things to Do in May

The incredible Machu Picchu sits high among the clouds in the Peruvian mountains

If you intend on hiking the Inca Trail during your visit, May is the time to do it. This is one of the most popular treks in the region, so permits sell out quickly. (You’ll have to book in October of the year before your trip.) However, these crowds are amplified in July and August when visitation is at its highest.

Many festivals occur around the country in May. The Festival of the Virgin of Chapi, a pilgrimage to the White City, culminates in Arequipa on May 1st. The streets fill with devotees who have walked from the Chapi ravine to the temple. For three days, you’ll experience live music, processions, fireworks, and cuisine. Regardless of your religious beliefs, this festival is a sight to behold.

Near Cusco, another fascinating pilgrimage occurs in May—the Q’oyollur Rit’i, which generally occurs in late May or early June. Pilgrims from indigenous nations congregate for a trek to the Sanctuary of the Lord of Qoyllur Rit’i near the holy mountain Ausangate. A massive camp is set up near Sinakara Glacier. This tent city hosts the festival for multiple days of traditional dance, elaborate costumes, music, and fireworks. This festival draws in over 100,000 people annually.

In the Amazon, water levels remain high. If you intend on navigating the jungle channels from the comfort of a boat, don’t wait. Rainfall has eased enough that wildlife begins to reemerge, and peak visitation is still months away.

Hiking in May

Hikers look out towards glistening alpine lakes high up in the mountains of Peru

May marks the return of tourists to the Machu Picchu area, however, popular trails do not yet have peak crowds. Hiking conditions are prime in the Sacred Valley, so whether you choose the Inca Trail or one of the numerous alternative routes, you won’t be disappointed.

If you’re hiking in the Cordillera Blanca, Cordillera Huayhuash, or other high-altitude destinations, use caution. The mountain passes may still retain snow, and any rainfall can make these treks more treacherous.

Weather in May

Endless cloudy days in the mountains of Peru with a beautiful yellow home.

Daytime temperatures in Cusco and Huaraz remain mild, hovering around 66°F. As May marks the beginning of winter (and the dry season), nighttime temperatures drop lower than much of the year. You can expect temperatures around 37°F.

Along the coast, temperatures drop into the low 70s after months of hot sun. A fog settles over Lima, causing overcast skies.


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