Backup Grand Canyon Recommendations

Backup Trips for Grand Canyon

Have a back up plan in case you don't get your first choice!

Grand Canyon National Park’s permit system is a lottery. To maximize your odds of success, we strongly recommend providing a range of backup dates (as broad as possible) and 1-2 backup itineraries.

Important things to know if we are not awarded a permit for your first choice:

  • Without alternate itineraries, your permit application will be flatly denied if your first choice is unavailable.
  • We will offer you any open spots on other permits for your first-choice trip before offering the backup.
  • If we offer you the backup itinerary, you do not have to take it. If you choose not to, the permit will be offered to other guests who also did not get their first choice.
  • If you are offered the backup and decline, your deposit is still 100% transferrable or refundable.