5 Reasons to do a Llama Trek

Two llamas in forest

Have you already done a trip with us?  Are you looking for a fresh, unique way to travel into the backcountry next summer?  If so, consider taking a llama portered trip with us in the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem.  We can think of a hundred reasons why, as we love our llamas so much, but here are just five to get the wheels turning.

Backcountry Accessibility for all

On a llama assisted trip,  the llamas carry up to 70lbs of group gear.  This includes items like tents, sleeping mats, food, and bear cans.  Therefore on a llama hiking trip you do not need to carry more than a day pack outfitted with snacks, layers, and water.  This allows people of all skill level and physical ability to access further into the backcountry. You don’t have to just settle for the crowds of a front country trip.  Enjoy the solitude of a backcountry trip and know that you will not have to aggravate that knee injury with a heavy pack.


Unique personalities

From the wise Milton, to the young buck named Rowdy (who lives up to this) you will have the opportunity to choose and walk with your llama all week.  Revel in a chance to get to know these quirky beasts. They all have interesting personalities that truly come out in a group setting.  And, because you work with them all week, each llama gets to know their handler.  So, you will be able to cultivate a special bond with your buddy and get to know their tendencies.

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Learn and actively work with pack llamas

You can get as involved as you want on a llama hiking trip!  Your guide needs to take care of the llamas daily. This means doing things like brushing the llamas, saddling them, and packing the gear and feeding them their dinner.  With guide approval you can do as many of these activities as you want. For an animal lover, this is a great option for you!


Free home security

Llamas make great guard animals.  They will alarm call if a bear, moose or other creature comes into their space.  So, you can rest assured, you will get an early warning if a bear is nearby. Usually this strange sound is enough to deter a bear.  With that said, we still of course follow all standard NPS bear safety protocol such as bear spray and bear safety orientation at the beginning of all of our trips.


Red carpet appeal

Llamas crossing rivers are quite a sight, for you and for all of the other folks enjoying the backcountry.  People will stop and ask to take a picture with you and your llama. It feels like you are walking around with a famous person in the woods!

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