Trekking in Cordillera Huayhaush – FAQs

Trekking in Cordillera Huayhuash FAQs

Learn the answers to the most commonly asked questions about our trip to Cordillera Huayhaush in Peru.

Joining a Wildland Trekking trip to Cordillera Huayhuash? We have compiled the most frequently asked questions that Wildland Trekking guests have about visiting and hiking in Cordillera Huayhuash.

We invite you to peruse the categories below and find answers to your questions.


What are the local customs regarding tipping?

  • Tipping is completely discretionary and always appreciated. For most guides, sharing wild places with others is a true passion and way of life. Tips enable them to make a livable wage while providing an outstanding experience to others. The industry recommendation is 10-20% of total trip cost per person.
  • If you have a team of guides and porters, you can pay the lead guide directly and ask that they fairly distribute the tip to the entire team on your behalf. If you prefer, you can divide the total tip and pay each team member directly.  It is best to pay cash in Peruvian Soles.  Thank you!

Are ATMs readily available on this trip?

  • The currency in Peru is the Peruvian Sole.The Lima and Cusco Airports have ATMs and Exchange Bureaus. Most larger hotels and shops accept both Visa and Mastercard. You will need cash for smaller markets, shops, and local restaurants. It is easier to get local currency out of an ATM versus changing USD bills at banks or exchange bureaus. Often these establishments do not accept USD bills that are not perfect and pristine in quality. Smaller Peruvian towns, visited in route, might not have ATMs available or banks, so plan ahead. Lima, Cusco and Huaraz have a multitude of ATMs and bank locations for changing money.


What is the internet access like?

  • WIFI and internet connectivity will be available at your hotels in Lima and Huaraz. While you are on your trek in the mountains, internet connectivity will not be available.
  • If you purchase a SIM card for your phone upon arrival in Peru, you can purchase data and use that for connecting when internet reception is available.

Can I use my cellphone while on trip?

  • Purchasing a SIM card upon arrival should give you the cheapest and most reliable cell phone coverage while in Peru. You can also call your phone carrier and ask about international phone plans or activating global roaming.  Make sure to ask about pricing for these options.


Can I store extra lugage on this trip?

  • You can store extra luggage at the hotel in Huaraz.

Accommodations and Amenities

Are toilet facilities available at the campsites? Will I be able to shower?

  • The toilet facilities will vary at each campsite.  You can expect any variation from flush toilets to pit toilets.  There are no shower facilities.  You will be near lakes if you want to rinse off, but please do not use any soap in the lakes.  You will receive a bowl of warm water every morning and afternoon to wash your face, etc.  We recommend bringing along some wet wipes and carrying extra toilet paper, hand soap, and/or hand sanitizer as they may not be readily available in public places.  Please remember to throw all toilet paper in the trash can, not the toilet.

Food and Water

Is the water safe to drink along the trek?

  • It is not safe to drink the tap water in Peru. The hotels will have water filling stations and/or bottled water.  While you are hiking in the mountains, your guides will provide filtered/boiled water for you.  Do not drink directly from natural sources of water.