Llama Rentals

Llama Rentals

Rent llamas for your next excursion; save your back and knees, and carry in more elaborate meals and supplies.

Llamas are amazing animals and wonderful beasts of burden. They are low impact pack animals with an intuitive and intelligent nature. We have been using llamas in our commercial guiding operations since 2014. We have grown extremely fond of our pack llamas and find their company and individual personalities quite welcoming on the trail and in the backcountry. We had many requests since the beginning from do-it-yourself backcountry travelers regarding renting our llamas for personal, self-guided use. Now that’s available and you can rent llamas from us for your personal trip!

Renting llamas for your backcountry journey allows you to trek deep into the backcountry of the Jackson Hole area mountains, or west side of the Tetons without having to carry a heavy backpack. (Llama rentals are not permitted in Yellowstone National Park, but we can do drop camps.)

We invite you read more about our Wyoming llama rentals below, and give us a call at 800-715-HIKE (4453) with any questions!

Yellowstone Llama Drop Camps

Llama Rental Prices



*Minimum 2 llamas and a duration of 3 days

Trailer Rental: $90/day
Stock Rack: $80/day
Rental Training Class: $70/person


Explanation of Rates

  • Llama Rate: $100/day for each llama. We do not send just 1 llama out. There is a minimum of 2 llama, 3-day rental.
  • Trailer Rate: $60/day for each day you have the trailer. We provide 12’, tandem axle trailers. All of our trailers have 7 round light plus. We will also provide a spare tire, tire iron and a bottle jack.
  • Stock Rack Rate: $25/day for each day you have the stock rack. We have stock racks to fit most truck beds. When booking your stock rack please clarify what truck make, model and year you have so that we can make sure the stock rack will fit properly. 2 llamas will fit in a 6’ truck bed. For 8’ truck beds you can fir 3 llamas.
  • Rental Clinic Rate: $65/person (one-time fee). Each person going on the llama rental trip must take a 4-hour clinic. This can be done months before you rent llamas, the day before or the day of. Please note that those taking the clinic the day of your trip departure are subject to trip cancelation from failure to pass the llama clinic. To avoid this from happening we recommend you study the llama manual we will send out to you at the time of your booking.
  • Transportation/Llama Shuttle: Ranges from $350.00-$550.00 per shuttle i.e. drop off = 1 shuttle, and pick up = 1 shuttle. Where permitted we will deliver for a fee the llamas to the trailhead of your choice.

Llama Rental Details

What Exactly is a Llama Rental?

The llama rental option is a non-guided option where you provide your own itinerary and are responsible for your own camping gear, equipment, food and travel. Our llama rental operation is intended for experienced backcountry hikers who want to extend their range, lighten up the load of their packs and/or travel with more creature comforts. Each of our llamas will carry 70 pounds of gear into the backcountry for you. Each group renting llamas is required to take at least 2 llamas as they are herd animals and do better when traveling with a buddy. We provide all of the gear and equipment needed to pack with llamas and provide a llama training class. Each person in your group is required to sign a release of liability waiver and llama rental agreement.

Transporting Llamas to the Trailhead

We’re permitted to rent llamas and deliver them to trailheads in many parts of the Gros Ventre Wilderness, Wyoming Range, and Jedediah Smith Wilderness, but not all areas. There is an additional fee for delivering llamas to and from the trailhead. If you are looking to hike in an area where we are not permitted to transport llamas, there is another option available to you. You can rent one of our stock trailers (12’ long, weight 2500-3500 pounds) and transport the llamas yourself from one of our operating areas listed below. We rent llamas out of the following locations: Idaho Falls Idaho, Driggs Idaho, Pinedale Wyoming and Torrey Utah. Our average transportation charge is $1.64/mile traveled.

Llama Training Class

Every person in your group must attend a 4-hour llama training class prior to your departure date. On some occasions we can conduct the llama training class the day of your departure. The llama training class is a one-time class. If you have rented llamas or horses from another business, our class is still required. If you have rented llamas from us in the past you will receive a free, shorter refresher class.

Maps and Itineraries

If you need help planning your itinerary or if you are looking for high resolution maps please reach out to us. More than likely we can point you in the right direction.

Bear Food Storage Requirements

In most areas in Wyoming and Idaho you are required to follow bear food storage requirements. Each backcountry area has different requirements. Please make sure to check the area where you will be traveling and verify that you know the proper food storage requirements. We can help with this and at times have enough bear proof containers, bear hangs, and fences that we can rent these to you.