Hiking and Visiting the Italian Dolomites – FAQs

Dolomites FAQs

Learn the answers to the most commonly asked questions about traveling in the Dolomites!

Joining a Wildland Trekking trip to Italy’s breathtaking Dolomite Mountains? We have compiled the most frequently asked questions that Wildland Trekking guests have about visiting and hiking Italy’s Dolomites.

We invite you to peruse the categories below and find answers to your questions.


What are the local customs regarding tipping?

  • While you are on your trek, all expenses will be handled by your guide except for souvenirs, beverages (besides water) and alcohol. In general, in Europe, tipping is not as common as in the US.
  • For tipping your guides, tipping is completely discretionary and always appreciated. For most guides, sharing wild places with others is a true passion and way of life, and they strive to provide an outstanding experience for our guests. 
  • If you have two guides, typically they will split the tip evenly. If you would prefer to pay one guide a different amount than the other, then tip each of them separately. If you would like to use a money transfer app such as PayPal or Zelle, ask your guide directly if he/she uses this service. Euro is preferred but USD is also appreciated. Thank you! 

Are ATMs readily available on this trip?

  • ATMs are readily available throughout Italy. You will want to let your bank know that you will be travelling so they do not put a hold on your card. Also, it is a good idea to research which of your credit cards have the cheapest international transaction fees. Lastly, it’s best if your pin is 4 digits, not 6 digits, when travelling in Europe. If you have a 6-digit pin, you will want to change your pin to 4 digits.   
  • Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted. Exchanging USD into Euro is typically most convenient at an ATM versus going into a bank or an exchange bureau. 
  • When you arrive to the Venice Airport, there will be several ATMs for exchanging money. Use this map to locate an ATM when you arrive.   
  • For additional information on current currency exchange rates, you can click here. 


What is the internet access like?

  • Internet access throughout Italy is readily available and reliable. At your lodges, you will have access to WiFi.

Can I use my cell phone in Italy?

  • Purchasing a SIM card upon arrival should give you the cheapest and most reliable cell phone coverage while in Italy. You can also call your phone carrier and ask about international phone plans or activating global roaming. Make sure to ask about pricing for these options. ESIMS are gaining popularity and can be a good option is your phone is compatible.
  • Phone service while you are hiking in the mountains may be spotty but will be reliable when you are at your hotel and in most villages.


What are the toilets like in Italy?

  • Western toilets are the standard in Italy.
  • While on your hike, some of the trails will have public toilets; however, some trails will not. In these cases, you may need to use natural settings for toilets (i.e. digging catholes, etc.). You will want to be prepared with a personal toilet paper kit that includes toilet paper, wet wipes, sanitizer & ziplock bag(s) for carrying out used paper/wipes.
  • For more information about using natural settings for a toilet please check out this resource.


I have questions about visiting Venice before or after my trip.

When looking for information about Venice transportation, we usually check these websites:

Should I reserve a water taxi from the airport in advance?

Accommodations and Amenities

Do most of the hotels provide toiletries, shampoo, body wash, hair dryers?

  • Yes, the hotels provide toiletries. If there are not hair dryers in the rooms, you can ask at the front desk. It is best to bring a universal adapter.

Can I store extra luggage on this trip?

  • Yes, extra luggage is allowed on the trip and easily stored at our hotels.

Are there laundry services available?

  • Since your days will be filled with hiking, enjoying meals, and sharing time with new friends, we suggest that you have your laundry done before or after the trek.  You can always ask at the front desk of your lodge if you need an article of clothing washed in a pinch.   

Food and Water

What types of hiking snacks are provided while on the trail?

  • Our team will have plenty of local snacks (chocolate, nuts, dried and fresh fruit, cookies, and trail bars.) available for the group, but common trail snack brands and items found easily in the US are not readily available in this destination. (i.e. protein bars, beef jerky, etc…) Some guests that prefer these types of trail snacks, usually bring a few of their own choice items from home.

Is the water safe to drink along the trek?

  • Tap water throughout Italy is safe to drink. You can fill your water bottles at the hotels in the morning before you begin hiking. Some days there might be an option to refill water along the trail at natural springs or mountain huts.


What is the altitude of our lodges and hikes?

  • The lodges are in the villages of Pocol and Misurina. Pocol is at 1,500m (around 5,000ft), and Misurina is at 1,750m (around 5,800ft). During the excursions, the group reaches a maximum altitude of 2500/2600mt (8,200/8,600ft).