The Mediterranean

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Mediterranean Hiking Tours

Uncover these diverse destinations in the warmer climates of southern Europe with pristine beaches and sun-soaked countryside.

Meaning “between the lands,” the Mediterranean Sea has been a hub of civilization and travel for centuries. The waterway that connects dozens of countries, this sea that lies between the northern rim of Africa and the southern parts of Europe is the life blood of the region. While much of Europe is characterized by cold and damp climates, the regions around the  Mediterranean Sea boast warmer temperatures all year round with beaches great swimming and sun-soaked countryside dotted with verdant hills. With southern Italy’s hilltop lemon groves and picturesque islands, Spain and Portugal’s seaside villages and soaring cliffs, Turkey’s famous Lycian Way and Turquoise Coast, and the the Balkans’ pristine mountains and national parks, this region should be on every hiker’s bucket list.

More About Hiking in the Mediterranean

Countries with this Mediterranean climate offer some of the best conditions for hiking vacations in the world due to the stunning scenery, the warm temperatures, and the generally dry weather. When most people think of Mediterranean climate, Italy comes to mind first. While northern Italy reaches up into the Alps, the southern part of the country reaches far into the Mediterranean as the temperatures becomes warmer and the water becomes bluer. Explore this area of Italy on these Intrepid trips that will have you paddling to pristine beaches, hiking up to villas through hills blanketed with vineyards, and exploring historical sites such as the Footpath of the Gods, the isle of Capri, and even Pompeii and the famous Mt. Vesuvius.

Farther south still are the exotic destinations of Spain and Portugal with coasts on both the Mediterranean and the much colder Atlantic. Despite the colder water, these countries still enjoy a Mediterranean climate even on the Atlantic side and inland where there are many long distance hiking trails to chose from. Both Spain and Portugal offer pilgrimages on the Camino de Santiago that you can hike with Intrepid as you journey through inland countryside and low lands sprinkled with local farmers selling fruits and cheeses and churches perched atop hills. You can also take a hiking vacation along the Fisherman’s Trail, or the Rota Vicentina, in southern Portugal to stay in quaint guesthouses, see ancient sand dunes, observe the local wildlife, and of course, sample some freshly caught seaside– this region’s specialty.

Wildland Trekking also offers trips through Intrepid in the eastern Mediterranean in Turkey and the Balkan peninsula. In southern Turkey you can visit Cappadocia with their famous hot air balloons, trek the ancient Lycian Way used by the Greeks and Romans, and even kayak over a sunken city. On the Balkan peninsula, the main sight in nature as the national parks of Croatia, Albania, and others stand out among the rich history, culture, and heritage of this region. All topped with very warm summers and moderate shoulder seasons, these destinations are perfect for warm weather hiking with little extra gear required. Explore these trips and more for the opportunity to soak up Mediterranean climate, views, food, and culture on these guided hiking vacations.