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What is Covered by Trip Insurance?

Trip insurance covers many things, but some of the most common coverages under BOTH the TRAVEL SE and TRAVEL LX plans are:

  • Trip Cancelation
    • Injury prior to trip: knee, ankle, back, etc.
    • Hospitalization of family member: grandma, grandpa, parent, sibling, child, grandchild
  • Trip Interruption
    • Travel complications
    • Food poisoning
    • Injury while traveling
    • Emergency back home – example grandma hospitalized
  • Medical Emergency while Traveling
    • Injury while traveling
    • Sickness while traveling
    • Emergency medical / evacuation / repatriation
  • Less likely Claims, but Covered Services
    • Return of remains
    • Lost passport
    • Baggage and personal effects


I am self employed and sometimes I just can’t leave work. What product is correct for me?

The LX Product would be the best option. The LX allows you to cancel at full reimbursement for all the covered reasons at 100% (as listed above and in your policy), but also ANY other reason (arbitrary reasons) at 75% for all the non-listed reasons.

If you have the LX policy you could cancel for ANY REASON; however, you MUST purchase the policy and the Optional Upgrade within 20 days of initial deposit date to utilize ANY REASON benefits. Here are some examples of ANY REASON:

  • A realtor who is pending a large sale – Any Reason
  • A consultant who sometimes has sudden projects – Any Reason
  • An attorney who sometimes skips vacations – Any Reason
  • A person with horses who would want to stay home if a horse became ill – Any Reason
  • A person with an elderly pet who would cancel if the pet became ill – Any Reason
  • A person who would skip their tour if their team made it to the Super Bowl – Any Reason
  • A world traveler who may be too tired to do their tour – Any Reason
  • A traveler who has a history of simply canceling their trips for no reason – Any Reason


What Policy Should I Buy?

The majority of U.S. residents traveling in the US are buying the Travel SE option. Most Wildland Travelers view this product to be in line with their insurance needs.

Many travelers heading internationally prefer the LX option (LX Cancel For Any Reason Rider, not available to NY Residents). Here are some reasons why:

  • LX benefit of Cancel for ANY REASON as outlined above.
  • $1M policy limits
  • Search and rescue is also covered (you get lost)
  • Non-Emergency medical evacuations are also covered


When Should I Purchase My Trip Insurance?

If possible, trip insurance should be purchased within 20 days of your initial deposit for Travel SE and no later than 24-hours of final payment on Travel LX. If you purchase outside the policy timeframe, your policy will not pay claims on pre-existing conditions. Pre-existing conditions are a condition that began before your trip was ever purchased.

  • Example, Jack has a knee that has been doing fine, but sometimes it acts up on him. Jack would want to purchase the Travel SE policy within 20 days of his initial trip deposit, so his knee is covered.
  • Example, Mary has a history of back problems. She has been fine and loves to hike, but she does have medical history with her back. Mary did not buy the Travel SE in her 20-day window, but Mary still has yet to make her final payment. She can buy Travel LX and receive the waiver of pre-existing conditions.


But, do I have to buy The Travel SE within 20 days of the deposit?

No, you do not, but pre-existing will not be covered. Many guests who purchase coverage outside of the 20 day window opt for the Travel SE policy, which is the best-selling product.


How Do I Get “Cancel for any Reason”?

The Travel LX product has a “cancel for any reason” rider that can be purchased at an additional cost. This upgrade is only available on the Travel LX, and it must be purchased within 20 days of your initial trip deposit.


Can I cancel my trip insurance and get my money back?

Like most insurance products, you do get a 10 Day Free Look Period. During this time you can cancel and get all your money back. If you cancel after 10 days, you cannot get a refund. However, after 10 days the insurance company allows you to move your trip dates. This comes in handy when a traveler has to change their travel dates. The traveler simply sends notice that his dates of travel have changed and a new certificate of insurance is issued.


I am taking my family to the Grand Canyon. If one of us gets injured, can we all file a claim?

Yes, this is the exact reason you buy trip insurance. For example, if a family of five was on a policy, and one person became injured, the entire family could file a claim and everyone would have a Trip Cancellation Claim.


How long does it take for a claim to process?

A very simple claim could process in as quickly as 2 weeks. However, many claims take about 3 weeks from start to finish.


Do I really need trip insurance?

Yes, you do. Don’t take our word for it, take the top 1% of US Travelers. The Top 1% have trip insurance on EVERYTHING they do. This group of travelers are also in a category where they have ample money and their concern is usually not financial. A well-traveled person will have experience from being injured or sick while traveling or know of someone who has. It is tremendously stressful to not only loose out on a trip, but also to do deal with a medical emergency on your own.

In the winter of 2017 we had a traveler call, and say, “Not only is my flight canceled for weather, so I can’t make it to Phoenix, but I also am at the Urgent Care because I either sprained or broke my ankle. Which claim form should I use?”


What is the Travel LITE Product?

The Travel LITE Product has lower coverage limits, never covers pre-existing, and most importantly is categorized as a secondary insurance. It is a good product if you own quality US health insurance and are driving to Disneyland for a family vacation. Due to Wildland Trekking tours being active trips that take place in remote areas, the Travel SE or Travel LX would be a better fit as they are primary policies and do not rely on any other coverage you may or may not have. Notice, the LITE product would not be recommended for US citizens traveling internationally, unless you have some other type of international medical coverage. As a consumer, it would be far better to spend a few dollars extra for the recommended Travel SE or LX Product.

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How do I get More Information?

To further answer any questions you may have, please contact Laura Bass. Laura handles trip insurance and international medical insurance for a multitude of companies around the world. She will help you identify the best product for your needs, and there are no costs associated with her assistance. See her contact information below.

Email Laura Bass at [email protected]US: Call 877-259-6186*Direct/Text/International: 615-843-0572*