The British Isles

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Hiking Tours in the British Isles

Explore the stunning British Isles on foot and uncover history, culture, and stunning views on these guided hiking tours.

Lying just off the western coast of Europe are the British Isles– Great Britain, Ireland, and a few other small islands– that hold a wealth of fascinating history, tons of breathtaking views, and plenty of options for hiking trails to explore. While the cities of London, Edinburgh, Dublin, and many others are some of the main attractions, the British Isles also boast a large array of natural wonders to explore from the soaring mountains of the Scottish highlands to the fells rising between the lakes in Lake District National Park. Exploring this area on foot is the best way to get a true sense of this diverse landscape that retains remnants of civilization from the Roman era, the Middle Ages, and up until the present day.

More About Hiking the British Isles

While not typically thought of as a hiking destination, the British Isles should not be missed whether you’re looking for a long distance hiking trip or an inn based tour with stunning scenery in between cozy stays.

There are many options for guided hiking tours to the British Isles to maximize your time enjoying the area and minimize the time you spend figuring out pesky logistics. Intrepid offers a number of tours through Wildland Trekking to this part of the world that encompass a wide range of styles and difficulties. You can walk the Wicklow Way in the Irish countryside that leads you over high moorland and densely forested heaths. This trail travels over the Wicklow Mountains through many quaint villages and offers opportunities to trek up soaring mountains for majestic views. Or you could stroll along the remains of Hadrian’s Wall in present-day England for a chance to discover the history of this land before the British Empire was established. Built by the forces of Roman Emperor Hadrian in 122AD, this wall is nearly 2000 years old and still has many sections that are intact. Explore the northern English countryside on this trip and also get to see the famous Robin Hood tree at Sycamore Gap.

Elsewhere in the British Isles, the  Scottish highlands and the mighty Ben Nevis, the highest peak in all the British Isles, waits for you to come and conquer their imposing heights, while the serene lakes and quiet fells of the Lake District are a welcoming sight to any hiker. With so many options to chose from, consider each hiking adventure before deciding which one to join as you come to explore the lesser known areas of the British Isles.