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Discover the wonders of the kingdom of Bhutan

Explore the landscape, history, and culture of this small nation that's one of Asia's best kept secrets.

Tucked in between the spiritual hubs of Tibet and India lies the small country of Bhutan known for being the world’s only carbon negative country, having a capital city with no street lights, and a government that measures the country’s success by GNH: Gross National Happiness. Only recently open to international travel, Bhutan remains relatively unknown but is one of Asia’s best kept secrets when it comes to hiking and trekking vacations.

More About Bhutan

As we said above, Bhutan is the world’s only carbon negative country, meaning that the trees in Bhutan absorb more carbon dioxide than the country produces. Sixty percent of the country’s land is protected forest and much of the rest is the foothills (if you can call 20,000 ft tall mountains foothills) of the Himalayas, rising out of the lowlands and valleys in the southern part of the country. A land of spirituality and community, Bhutan is unique in many ways and boasts a fascinating culture to experience.

In order to ensure that tourism is sustainable, the Kingdom of Bhutan has put very strict limits in place for outside travel, so visiting with a tour group is your only option for seeing this amazing country. On tours to Bhutan with Intrepid, everything is included from all the meals to your lodging and transportation as well as a local guide. The Trans Bhutan Trail is newly refurbished and takes travelers passed mountain villages filled with friendly locals, ancient monasteries perched precariously atop cliffs, and stunning scenery with deep gorges and the soaring Himalayas. You’ll get to explore some of the country’s major cities and stroll through museums and street markets, all the while soaking up the rich cultural heritage here. There are also many Dzongs to explore on hiking trips in Bhutan which are fortified monasteries, some of which are still in use today. Completely immerse yourself in this small but unique nation’s culture and way of life by walking in the footsteps of those who came before you.