Aysén Region of Chile

Discover the World's Next Hot Spot Early

Patagonia National Park in the Aysén Region of Chile is sure to be a major destination very soon!

The Aysén Region of Chile is the wildest and most remote corner of Patagonia. Our focus in the region is on the very new and profoundly amazing Patagonia National Park.  The land that comprises the Park was for over a century the third largest sheep ranch in Chile. In 2004, American conservationists Kris and Doug Tompkins purchased the ranch and converted it into a 1000 square mile national park that is being gifted to the nation of Chile.

The landscapes of the Aysén Region and the national park are characterized by broad, deep river valleys; towering, glaciated peaks; remote, pure wilderness; and abundant, unique wildlife. This place is going to be a world famous destination very soon – come see it before it gets to that point!