Trips with Appalachian Trail Hiking

Appalachian Trail Trips

Check out our trips in the Great Smoky Mountains that include time on the Appalachian Trail!

Do you want to include sections of America’s most famous hiking trail as part of your Great Smoky Mountains Adventure? If you do, check out our list of Smokies trips below that include time on the Appalachian Trail. Soak up huge Appalachian views, get a taste of the trail adventurers and free spirits have followed south to north across the Eastern USA for more than 6 decades. Trips that include the Appalachian Trail include backpacking trips, inn-based tours and day hike tours.

Please Note: Our Great Smoky Mountains National Park backpacking trips primarily utilize backcountry campsites vs. shelters. The shelters – particularly along the Appalachian Trail – are very crowded and often plagued by rodent infestations and other undesirable qualities. The backcountry campsites on the other hand have wonderful solitude, are often nestled near creeks, and in general offer a cleaner, much more authentic and rewarding wilderness experience. The backpacking itineraries listed below follow the Appalachian Trail (which requires staying in shelters) for a day or part of a day, but not for the entire duration of the trip. In general we have decided on quieter, more scenic loop hikes that provide quality camping and a genuine wilderness experience.

Trips with Appalachian Trail Hiking