Tomorrow’s Air Partnership

Inspired by nature and in recognition of the impact of travel on our climate, we have joined Tomorrow’s Air as an Education Partner, supporting carbon removal inspiration and education along with a commitment to remove one ton of carbon dioxide through direct air capture and permanently store it.

We are committed to doing all it can for climate and we learned that alongside conventional carbon offsetting and natural solutions for helping our climate, technology is needed to help us remove the trillion tons of excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, fast.

Through creative education and outreach, Tomorrow’s Air is uniting travelers and travel companies in a mission to scale up carbon removal technology that pulls carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and stores it permanently underground.

When you travel with us you’re supporting our contribution to Tomorrow’s Air, and we invite you to join with us, too:  follow Tomorrow’s Air on Instagram @tomorrowsair_; sign the Clean Up Pact and share; join the collective as a Supporter, Leader or Champion subscriber and do your part to grow the global community of travelers helping to restore our climate.

Let’s band together to restore our climate.

Key Facts

Why Tomorrow’s Air?

Creative, consistent, and focused education is necessary to inspire a global community to action for carbon removal with permanent storage. Technologies can’t scale themselves: awareness, understanding, and support for carbon removal technologies must be built. Tomorrow’s Air is leading this effort in travel, convening and engaging travelers in the cause, purposefully empowering and expanding our powerful global travel community. Tomorrow’s Air helps travelers walk the talk when it comes to climate action, and gain access to a curated set of benefits sustainable travel companies, too!

Why Carbon Removal Technology?

Nature – think of our planet’s trees, ocean, soil – all absorb carbon dioxide and store it. However these natural systems can take many years to absorb carbon dioxide. For example, when trees are planted, it will typically take at least ten years until the carbon dioxide is removed from the air. Deploying carbon removal technologies such as direct air capture alongside our protection and conservation of nature can help us remove carbon dioxide fast and restore our climate.

Direct Air Capture

With direct air capture, carbon collectors capture carbon dioxide from ambient air. Air is drawn into the collector with a fan, and adheres to a filter within the collector. Once the filter is saturated, the collector is closed, and the temperature is increased, releasing pure CO2 which can then be mineralized, or used in other products.

We All Share the Same Air

Carbon dioxide is extremely well-mixed in our atmosphere: emissions from one part of the world mix in with emissions from other parts of the world. When we reduce the concentration of atmosphere carbon dioxide – regardless of where on Earth the reduction occurs – the entire atmosphere, and all of us on Earth who are protected by it, benefit.

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