Walk the Camino de Santiago

Sarria, Spain

Trip Highlights

  • Iconic Pilgrimage with Local Guide
  • Charming Villages & Local Farms
  • Authentic Galician Countryside
  • Luggage Transfer to Each Accommodation
  • Galician Specialty Food and Drinks
  • Sample Queimada-- "The Fire Drink"
  • Stunning Forests and Fields


Hiking the Camino de Santiago is an enriching experience in every way whether you are doing it as a religious pilgrimage, a journey into Galician culture and food, a sheer physical challenge, or to meet other like-minded travelers. Over 7 days, journey the last 100KM (about 62 miles) of the Camino de Santiago before arriving at Santiago de Compostela, traveling with a local guide and a small group of fellow travelers. You’ll retrace the footprints of pilgrims for centuries as you walk through quiet countryside, small villages, Roman ruins, and picturesque farmland. Celebrate your journey’s completion at the famous Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela for breathtaking views and deserved feelings of accomplishment. 

Operated by Intrepid Travel

This trip is offered and operated by Wildland’s parent company, Intrepid Travel. Intrepid is an international adventure travel company committed to offering sustainable, experience-rich journeys across the globe. They’ve led the way with ethical, small-group travel since 1989, helping guests discover the magic of travel more than 30 years! When you sign up for this trip, you will be taken into Intrepid’s registration system, and book directly with them.

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$1510 Per Person
$435 Single Supplement  

$435 Single Supplement

A single supplement is available on this trip for an extra fee if you would prefer to not have a roommate. This supplement applies to all your nights but is subject to availability. Please speak to a representative or your booking agent if you are interested. Once on our trek we will not have the ability to put guests in single rooms.

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Trip Type: Intrepid Walking Tour
Difficulty Level:
Solitude Level:
Group Size: 1-12
Trip Length: 7 Days
Distance: 72MI / 116KM


Scale of 1-5. 1 is least difficult; 5 is most difficult

This trip follows mostly well-maintained trails and roadways with occasional more rugged sections. It includes mostly strenuous hiking distances with moderate elevation and some days of more moderate distance.

Hiking Distances:

18MI / 29KM

Backpack Weight:

8-12 pounds


Lightly Rugged

Max Daily Elev. ↑↓:

Up To 1500 ft

Heights Exposure:


Please Note: Terrain, Elevation Gain and Heights Exposure ratings reflect the section or day of the trip with the maximum difficulty of each. Much of the trip is at easier levels. See the trip itinerary for more detailed information.


  • Hiking uphill or downhill with a 8-12 lb backpack for 8-10 hours
  • Maintaining balance and footing on maintained trails with occasional more rugged sections


1 least solitude, 5 most solitude

We rate this hiking tour a Level 2 for solitude. You can expect as much as an hour of solitude at a time.

This trip can be booked as a private tour directly with Intrepid Travel by calling  1-800-970-7299.

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Inclusions: 6 breakfasts, 1 lunch, accommodations, activities

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Day 1: Sarria

  • Orientation Meeting: 6pm

Say hello to Spain! Your adventure on the Camino de Santiago begins here, in the Galician region of Spain in the city of Sarria. This portion of the country is autonomous and has an entirely distinct culture from other parts of Spain complete with language, food, and customs. This area is perhaps the most famous, however, for being home to the finishing point of the Camino de Santiago: Santiago de Compostela. You’ll be hiking the final 60 or so miles of this classic pilgrimage over the next week. There is an orientation meeting tonight at 6pm where you’ll meet your fellow travelers and group leader for a quick briefing. Afterward, head out to one of local restaurants if you like, perhaps with your group to get to know one another, and get your first taste of Galician flavors. 

Please be sure to attend the orientation meeting as you will need to provide emergency contact and insurance information at this time. If you are going to be late, please let an Intrepid representative or the hotel know. 

Day 2: Portomarin

  • Activities Included: Sarria to Portomarin Guided Walk
  • Meals Included: Breakfast 
  • Hiking Distance: 13.5MI / 22KM

Gear up today for your introduction to the Camino de Santiago as you leave Sarria behind and journey to Portomarin. Start getting your trail legs today and enjoy the wonderful scenery all around you. Make sure to have your pilgrim passport available as it will be stamped at least twice everyday. Learn interesting facts about the history of this region from your group leader as you hike through local farms, wooded areas of oak and chestnuts trees, small villages, and fields of wheat on a mostly asphalt path. Many of the farms you pass will be selling fresh snacks such as jams, breads, and cheeses which are perfect to keep up your energy. After about 6 hours of walking (including stops), you’ll arrive at the wonderful town of Portomarin, a lovely rest for the night after a long day of hiking. This city features a wide selection of restaurants along with views of Embalse de Belesar Lake, the creation of which flooded the town and forced the historic buildings to be reconstructed on higher ground for preservation. 

Day 3: Palas de Rei

  • Activities Included: Portomarin to Palas de Rei Guided Walk; Roman Ruins of Castromaior Visit; Queimada Drink Preparation & Tasting
  • Meals Included: Breakfast 
  • Hiking Distance: 15.5MI / 25KM

Today brings another day of traveling through the Spanish countryside. Most of your travels today will be along a gravel path next to a quiet road often cutting through forests and fields. You’ll encounter the hamlets of Gonzar, Ligonde, and Castromaior with the last being the gateway to the imposing Roman ruins of Castro de Castromaior. Just like yesterday, there will be stalls along the road selling snacks and drinks along with cafes and restruants where you can stop for a sit down meal or just coffee. You’ll journey over the Sierra de Ligonde, with a gradual incline and descent before arriving at your destination for the night: Palas de Rei. This city is covered in historical buildings, many of which have Romanesque architecture, but the real treat of town is your chance to try one of Galicia’s mystical and renown specialties: Queimada, called the “fire drink.” Having its origins in Galicia’s Celtic heritage and said to ward off evil spirits, this drink is made with liqueur oruju, lemon, and coffee beans and then set alight in a blazing spectacle. Not only will you find it delicious, but the making of it is quite the entertaining show as your group leader will prepare this drink for you and your fellow travelers to enjoy. 

Day 4: Arzua

  • Activities Included: Palas de Rei to Arzua Guided Walk, Local Speciality Lunch in Melide
  • Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch 
  • Hiking Distance: 18MI / 29KM

Today is your longest day on the Camino de Santiago, so eat hardy at breakfast this morning. Much of today’s walk is on asphalt and has some ups and downs, so be prepared for there to be a few more hills today. Stop for lunch at the charming town of Melide. Home to around 9000 residents, this is one of the most populated areas of your trek and it is well known for its speciality octopus dish: polbo a feira. After trying this delicious cusine, you might give the local favorite desert a try: mini glazed donuts called melindres. From here, you can either get back on the path and trek the rest of the way to Arzua or catch a taxi to rest your legs. If you chose to walk, you’ll trek across the Iso River and over some short— but steep— slopes. Arzua is famous for its cheese making, so make sure to give this local food a try. 

Day 5: O Pedrouzo

  • Activities Included: Arzua to O Pedrouzo Guided Walk
  • Meals Included: Breakfast 
  • Hiking Distance: 12.5MI / 20KM

The trek today brings your group to a decision point. As you leave Arzua, you’ll come to a fork in the road where the path to the right continues on the larger, main road, while the one to the left snakes through shady forests. The group will journey on the road less traveled today and won’t regret it, as the saying goes. You’ll pass through some of the most beautiful countryside on this walk along with small villages and farm land. There will still be cafes and restaurants where you can rest and recharge before you reach the Fountain of Santa Irene, with water that is said to cure diseases of crops and children who are sick. Pass on from here and soon arrive at O Pedrouzo where your accommodations are waiting for you. 

Day 6: Santiago de Compostela

  • Activities Included: O Pedrouzo to Santiago de Compostela Guided Walk; Santiago de Compostela Pilgrim’s Museum Visit
  • Meals Included: Breakfast 
  • Hiking Distance: 12.5MI / 20KM

Get ready for you last day of trekking today as you journey between O Pedrouzo to Santiago de Compostela and the famous Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. The path begins by winding through denser forests with few farms or houses to be seen before coming upon a long stretch of road between Lavacolla and Monte do Gozo. Keep your eyes up as the countryside slowly gives way to an urban area as you trek the last 3 miles. You’ll enter the city and cathedral to the sound of bagpipes welcoming you to the end of your journey on the Camino de Santiago. You’ll receive your Camino certificate after displaying your stamped pilgrim passport as verification that you have made the 100km trek to Santiago de Compostela. If you happen to arrive before noon, you can participate in the pilgrims’ mass in which a list of names of all who have completed the pilgrimage in the last 24 hours are read. Your group will visit the Museum of Pilgrimage here to learn about the history of this journey and others like it around the globe. This evening, perhaps have a final dinner with your group to talk about your adventures or to share photos 

Day 7: Santiago de Compostela

  • Meals Included: Breakfast

You are free to depart whenever you’d like today as there are no activities planned and you have reached the end of your hiking trek this trip. Intrepid would be happy to book your additional accommodation in Santiago de Compostela if you’d like to stay longer in this splendid city as long as availability allows.

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Trip Details

Trip Details


  • Meals: 6 Breakfasts, 1 Lunch
  • Transport: On Foot
  • Accommodation: 2 Nights Hotel, 3 Nights Pension, 1 Night Private Apartment
  • Activities Included:
    • Sarria to Portomarin guided walk
    • Portomarin to Palas de Rei guided walk
    • Roman ruins of Castromaior visit
    • Queimada drink preparation & tasting
    • Palas de Rei to Arzúa guided walk
    • Local speciality lunch in Melide
    • Arzúa to O Pedrouzo guided walk
    • O Pedrouzo to Santiago de Compostela guided walk
    • Santiago de Compostela Pilgrim’s museum visit

Important Notes

  • A single supplement is available on this trip if you would prefer to not have a roommate. This supplement applies to all your nights but is subject to availability. Please speak to a representative or your booking agent if you are interested.
  • This tour starts with an orientation meeting at 6pm on day 1 in Sarria, Spain.
  • This tour ends with after breakfast on day 7 in Santiago de Compostela. You are free to leave at any time on this day.

Essential Packing List

  • Small to Medium Day Pack: used for carrying essentials on treks
  • Hiking Clothing: mix of lightweight quick-drying clothes and warmer layers
  • Hiking Boots: comfortable with good tread that you can walk in all day
  • Camp Shoes: comfortable footwear for wearing in the evenings and on shorter walks
  • Sport or Water Sandals
  • Warm Jacket or Fleece
  • Rain Jacket and/or Windbreaker
  • Water Bottle or Bladder for a Hydration Pack
  • Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Hat
  • Headlamp or Flashlight
  • Toiletries

Optional Packing List

  • Small First Aid Kit (Your guide will have a large one)
  • Sleep Aids: such as ear plugs or eye mask
  • Trekking Poles
  • Camera, Spare Batteries, Power Bank (You will have access to power to recharge your items)
  • Swimwear
  • Good Book or Journal

Itinerary & Accommodations Disclaimer

The itineraries on Intrepid trips are updated frequently to reflect the current state of the destination and based on guest comments. Therefore it is essential that you review the itinerary information directly before your trip as there may have been changes since you booked with us. Additionally, weather, holidays, local conditions, transportation schedules, and a variety of other factors may cause us to change the itinerary during your adventure. Your guide will inform you of any changes to your trip as soon as the information is available.

Similarly, the accommodation types listed here are meant to be used as a guideline and are not guaranteed.  It is sometimes necessary to make alternative arrangements due to a lack of availability or a change in itinerary. In these situations, we will use like standard of accommodation.

Trip Logistics

Trip Logistics

Starting Point

  • This tour begins on day 1 with an orientation meeting at 6pm at Hotel Serrano Sarria in Sarria, Spain
  • Hotel Serrano Sarria, Vigo de Sarria 5, Bajo, Sarria, SPAIN
    • Phone: +34 610 57 41 79
  • The closest airport to Sarria is Santiago de Compostela (SCQ) which is about 75 miles west. Intrepid can aid in booking an airport transfer if you would like. Please ask your agent for more details. Alternatively, there is a public bus that runs from Santiago de Compostela and Sarria. Please refer to their website for more details.

Ending Point

  • This tour ends after breakfast on day 7 at Hotel Miradoiro de Belvis
    • Hotel Miradoiro de Belvis, Rua das Trompas 5, Santiago de Compostela, SPAIn
    • Phone: +34 981554340
  • Due to local regulations, airport transfers cannot be pre booked and local taxis will need to be used. The ride to the airport will cost you around 20 to 30 euros from the hotel. Please speak to your group leader or staff at the hotel for assistance is arranging a taxi.

Health and Safety Considerations

The health and well-being of guests and guides is Intrepid’s top priority. Please review our itinerary and activities carefully to assess whether you are able to cope with and enjoy this particular trip. If our group leader or any local guide determines a guest is not able to participate in the itinerary without undue risk to themselves or others in the group, we reserve the right to deny said guest access to all or a portion of the trip without refund.

Group Size & Age Requirements

  • Minimum Age: 15
  • Minimum Group Size: 1
  • Maximum Group Size: 12

Weather in Northwestern Spain

The weather in northwestern Spain will vary depending on the season you travel. Summers can be very hot and dry with temperatures in the triple digits which can make hiking uncomfortable. Please remember to pack sun protection as well as hats and sunglasses and to drink plenty of water. It is important to consider what time of year is best for your travels and what temperatures you are willing to deal with.

On the other hand, the shoulder seasons can have unpredictable weather and snow is not unheard of at higher elevations. If you are traveling during these seasons, please pack accordingly and bring warm clothing that you can layer as it becomes colder or take off as it becomes warmer. The biggest benefit of traveling in these seasons is the lack of other tourists.

Many travelers encounter the practice of a Spanish Siesta in this area of Spain. Many shops, attractions, and restaurants are closed throughout the middle of the day, sometimes for up to 5 hours so that locals can eat lunch, spend time with their families, and/or sleep through the hottest part of the day. Because of this, many people stay out later in the evening, often not dining for dinner until the hours between 8-10pm. Intrepid recommends that travelers do as the locals do; avoid the heat of the day and stay out later. This will not only allow your schedule to more affectively align with those of eateries and shops, but will allow you to have a better understanding of the culture of this region and have a more authentic experience.

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Trip Reviews

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