Amalfi Coast: Hike & Kayak


Trip Highlights

  • Fabulous Naples History & Food
  • Explore Pompeii & Hike Mount Vesuvius
  • Walk 'The Path of the Gods'
  • Mulini and Ferriere Valleys
  • Discover the Island of Capri
  • Kayak to Secluded Beaches
  • Stroll through Ravello


This hiking and kayaking tour around the Amalfi Coast is nothing less than breathtaking and one that you won’t want to miss. Feast your eyes on the sparking Mediterranean Sea while hiking along lush hillsides, among famous villas, and through active vineyards. Your group will get to trek through Mulini and Ferriere Valleys, greet local farmers on the ‘Pathway of the Gods,’ enjoy a stunning ferry ride to the Island of Capri, and kayak over calm coastal waters to a secluded beach. The Amalfi Coast is well known as one of the beautiful parts of Italy and rightly so, so lace up your hiking boots and get ready for an adventure.

Operated by Intrepid Travel

This trip is offered and operated by Wildland’s parent company, Intrepid Travel. Intrepid is an international adventure travel company committed to offering sustainable, experience-rich journeys across the globe. They’ve led the way with ethical, small-group travel since 1989, helping guests discover the magic of travel more than 30 years! When you sign up for this trip, you will be taken into Intrepid’s registration system, and book directly with them.

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$2635 Per Person
Single Supplement  

Single Supplement

A single supplement is available on this trip for an extra fee if you would prefer to not have a roommate. This supplement applies to all your nights but is subject to availability. Please speak to a representative or your booking agent if you are interested. Once on our trek we will not have the ability to put guests in single rooms.

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Trip Type: Intrepid Walking Tour
Difficulty Level:
Solitude Level:
Group Size: 1-12
Trip Length: 8 Days
Distance: 26MI / 42KM


Scale of 1-5. 1 is least difficult; 5 is most difficult

This trip follows mostly well-maintained trails with occasional more rugged sections. It includes mostly moderate hiking distances and elevation gains/losses.

Hiking Distances:

7.5MI / 12KM

Backpack Weight:

8-12 pounds


Lightly Rugged

Max Daily Elev. ↑↓:

Up To 1771 ft

Heights Exposure:


Please Note: Terrain, Elevation Gain and Heights Exposure ratings reflect the section or day of the trip with the maximum difficulty of each. Much of the trip is at easier levels. See the trip itinerary for more detailed information.


  • Hiking uphill or downhill with a 8-12 lb backpack for 5-6 hours
  • Maintaining balance and footing on maintained trails with occasional more rugged sections


1 least solitude, 5 most solitude

We rate this hiking tour a Level 2 for solitude. You can expect as much as an hour of solitude at a time.

This trip can be booked as a private tour directly with Intrepid Travel by calling  1-800-970-7299.

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Inclusions: 7 breakfasts, local transportation, accommodations and activities

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Day 1: Naples

  • Orientation Meeting: 6pm

Say hello to Naples, one of Europe’s cultural centers since the time of the Greeks. No activites are planned before this evening’s orientation meeting, so feel free to wander the streets if you arrive early. Discover some of Naples’ stunning architecture and history or any of the lovely museums, many of which have been around since the Spanish rule in the 16th century. You can check out the Royal Palace of Naples or walk through the plaza to Museo Di Capodimonte, but make sure to make your way to the joining point hotel by the evening which is located in the historic city center. 

The orientation meeting usually takes place at 6pm, but check for a note in the hotel lobby or ask the receptionist where the meeting will take place. Your group leader will give you a quick briefing and let you know what lies ahead on your trip. Please be sure to attend as you will need to provide insurance and emergency contact information at this time. If you’re going to be late, please let the hotel or your booking agent know. Consider book additional accommodations in Naples before your tour to explore this lovely city and to make sure you arrive in time for the orientation meeting. Intrepid will be happy to arrange additional accommodations for if availability allows.

Day 2: Pompeii & Mount Vesuvius

  • Travel: Transport in Private Vehicle to Pompeii, 1 hour scenic drive to Agerola 
  • Activities Included: Pompeii Archaeological Site, Guided Hike along Vesuvius’ Crater Rim and Summit
  • Meals Included: Breakfast 
  • Hiking Distance: 2.5MI /4KM

Eat hardy this morning at your included breakfast before loading up in your private minibus to travel to Pompeii. Without a doubt, these ruins are some of the most spectacular in the world as they are perfectly preserved from the ash and lava of Mount Vesuvius. Stroll through the streets marked with chariot wheel ruts and feel what it would have been like to walk through a Roman city with villas, temples, theatres, a Roman Forum, public baths, and what some would call the first “fast food” restaurants. All of these areas were bustling with life up until the fatal eruption of  the volcano in whose shadow they lived in 79 AD. Make sure not to miss the giant amphitheatre in this city as well as the “Villa of Mysteries.” After lunch, you’ll be picked up to travel to your next destination: the mountain that has been looming over you all day. Stroll the rim of Mount Vesuvius’s crater of this active volcano that still steams with gases although no lava is visible. To finish out your day, take a scenic drive to Agerola high plain where you’ll be amazed by the panoramas of the Amalfi Coast and the Bay of Naples. 

Day 3: Agerola

  • Meals Included: Breakfast 

The schedule is clear today for you to explore any of the amazing sights here in Agerola. There are plenty of trails to hike as well depending on what you’d like to do. Maybe trek to the “Punto Panoramico” viewpoint for vistas of the Amalfi Coast and then descend back into the city with views of the Isle of Capri and the wooded mountains of Cilento National Park. Experience the iconic Italian countryside with vineyards, oaks, chestnut trees, and lovely flowers. There are many ruins dotting the hillside so keep you eyes up and see if you can smell some of the famous Italian herbs. If you’d like to stay in the more populated parts of this landscape, visit Bomerano, a small local village to experience some of the classic Italian food and drinks. 

Day 4: Sentiero Degli Dei & Positano

  • Activities Included: Sentiero Degli Dei Hike, Boat Cruise Positano to Amalfi
  • Meals Included: Breakfast 
  • Hiking Distance: 6MI / 10KM

Today, your group will embark on a through hike to the next town that will serve as you home for the night. Your main luggage will be transferred to your next destination in Amalfi, so just bring your day pack to enjoy the sights along the way. Start your day by hiking the very famous Sentiero Degli Dei, meaning “Footpath of the Gods” that will bring you all the way to Positano. Trace the coastline as you observe local farmers tending crops and animals such as sheep and goats, see the wildflowers in the lush meadows and on the hillsides, and enjoy unparalleled views of the coast. By late morning, you’ll come to Vallone di Grarelle before continuing on to the small village of Nocelle, poised right above Positano. Stroll through the town and traverse the famous Montepertuso Crossing, a deep limestone gorge before ambling through the lower olive groves and vineyards to the picturesque Positano (or taking the bus if you’re a bit tired out). After a little time in this seaside town, hop aboard a boat to take you to Amalfi and enjoy the views while looking toward the land instead of out to sea. 

Day 5: Hiking on Capri Island

  • Travel: Ferry to Capri Island 
  • Activities Included: Villa Jovis Archaeological Site, Boat Ride to Isle of Capri, Capri Coastal Walk
  • Meals Included: Breakfast 
  • Hiking Distance: 6MI / 10KM

Soak up the rich Italian history and culture today on the rightly famous Island of Capri where emperors of Rome would come as tourists. Begin with a lovely boat ride to the island that offers spectacular views of the coastline with jagged rocks, clear blue waters, and high cliffs. Once you arrive, see the popular sights on the island before taking a circuit walk that will not only bring you to Villa Jovis which once belonged to Emperor Tiberius and is one of the best preserved villas on the island, but also to an ancient monastery and the classic, winding alleyways of the village. The last section of your walk brings you away from the city to parts of the wild coasts where there are many huge grottoes and where you can wade into the Mediterranean. Depending on that the group wants, this walk can be extended or shortened, so don’t hesitate to ask you guide about what you’d like. Late in the afternoon, take the ferry back to Amalfi for your overnight accommodations. 

Day 6: Kayaking & Hiking Around Amalfi

  • Activities Included: Valle delle Ferriere (Iron Mill Valley), Valle dei Mulini (Valley of the Watermills), Kayaking to Santcroce Beach 
  • Meals Included: Breakfast 
  • Hiking Distance: 6MI / 10KM

Today will bring your group to some of the most wonderful areas of Amalfi from the hike up into the hills to a kayak trip to a pristine beach. Your hike will take you from the backstreets of Amalfi to the little village of Pontone. On a short side hike, you’ll get to have a wonderful view of the Valley Del Dragone (Valley of the Dragon) with the lavish villas and gardens of Ravello in the background before coming up a famous watchtower, Torre dello Zirro. Follow the side hike trail back to Pontone where the group will relax perhaps with a drink beneath the lemon trees looking down on Amalfi. Afterward, trek down the Valley Dei Mulini– or the Valley of Watermills– where you will find the remains of Europe’s earliest paper mills lying about, some of them swallowed up by foliage. There are many locals on these trails so watch for those gathering mushrooms or carrying huge baskets of lemons on their heads. Trek on to the Valley Delle Ferriere, a wonderful nature preserve which is the perfect place for lunch. Then hike about an hour back to Amalfi for the second half of your adventure today: kayaking. After some quick instruction, grab your paddle as the group will boat along the coast to the pristine beach of Santacroce. Spend some time on this beach before heading back to Amalfi, slowly kayaking through the calm waters along the coast. 

Day 7: Hiking in Ravello

  • Activities Included: Villa Cimbrone, Valley of the Dragon Nature Hike
  • Meals Included: Breakfast 
  • Hiking Distance: 5.5-7.5MI / 9-12KM

Start your trek today right from your hotel in Amalfi as you follow the Valley of the Dragon that you saw yesterday up to Ravello, another well known spot on the coast. André Gide, a French Novelist, once described this town as “closer to the sky than the seashore” despite it being so near the coast. It’s high position up on the cliffs and sunny, dry climate has drawn many people here for art, music, literature, and traveling. The two major sights in this city are both villas. The first is Villa Rufolo, an 11th century residence of the pope as well as the later home of the composer Wagner. The second is Villa Cimbrone, a 19th century estate with lush gardens and gorgeous views of the Gulf of Salerno. Once you’ve had you fill of this lovely city, trek back down to Amalfi with wonderful views the entire way. 

Day 8: Amalfi

  • Meals Included: Breakfast

Your tour of the Amalfi coast comes to an end today after breakfast, so you are free to depart anytime you’d like. There are no end of opportunities for adventure in this region and elsewhere. There are many cities that are accessible by boat or bus such as Sorrento, Salerno, and Naples where you can catch trains to farther destinations. 

If your Italian adventure is coming to an end too soon, you can add one of Intrepid’s other Italian trips to your itinerary such as the Cinque Terre  that shows you the best of the Ligurian Coast or the Italian Lakes which focuses on Lake Como and Lake Garda. Many departure dates coincide to create perfect longer trips, so ask you guide for assistance or check with your booking agent to see what’s available. 

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Trip Details

Trip Details


  • Meals: 7 Breakfast
  • Transportation: Private minibus, Public bus, Boat, On foot, Kayak
  • Accommodation: 7 Nights Hotel
  • Activities Included
    • Pompeii – Archaeological Site
    • Guided Hike along Vesuvius’ Crater Rim and Summit
    • Sentiero degli Dei (Footpath of the Gods)
    • Boat Cruise Positano to Amalfi
    • Villa Jovis Archaeological Site
    • Boat Ride to Isle of Capri
    • Capri Coastal Walk
    • Valle delle Ferriere (Iron Mill Valley)
    • Valle dei Mulini (Valley of the Watermills)
    • Kayaking to Santcroce Beach
    • Villa Cimbrone
    • Valley of the Dragon Nature Hike

Important Notes

  • A single supplement is available on this trip if you would prefer to not have a roommate. This supplement applies to all your nights but is subject to availability. Please speak to a representative or your booking agent if you are interested.
  • This trip requires a significant level of fitness due to the moderate hiking distances and potentially hot temperatures. Many of the trails your group will be hiking have significant ups and downs as well as steep and large steps that you will need to be able to walk on. The views are worth every step.
  • Since the Covid-19 pandemic, hiking Mount Vesuvius has become more difficult due to access restrictions. There may be time when it is impossible to secure entry to this hike. In those cases, it will be replace with a Pasta Experience,” at a local “Pastificio” (pasta factory).
  • This trip has various starting and ending point accommodations based on the time of year. Please speak to your booking agent for more details.

Essential Packing List

  • Small to Medium Day Pack: used for carrying essentials on treks
  • Hiking Clothing: mix of lightweight quick-drying clothes and warmer layers
  • Hiking Boots: comfortable with good tread that you can walk in all day
  • Camp Shoes: comfortable footwear for wearing in the evenings and on shorter walks
  • Sport or Water Sandals
  • Warm Jacket or Fleece
  • Rain Jacket and/or Windbreaker
  • Water Bottle or Bladder for a Hydration Pack
  • Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Hat
  • Headlamp or Flashlight
  • Toiletries

Optional Packing List

  • Small First Aid Kit (Your guide will have a large one)
  • Sleep Aids: such as ear plugs or eye mask
  • Trekking Poles
  • Camera, Spare Batteries, Power Bank (You will have access to power to recharge your items)
  • Swimwear
  • Good Book or Journal

Itinerary & Accommodations Disclaimer

The itineraries on Intrepid trips are updated frequently to reflect the current state of the destination and based on guest comments. Therefore it is essential that you review the itinerary information directly before your trip as there may have been changes since you booked with us. Additionally, weather, holidays, local conditions, transportation schedules, and a variety of other factors may cause us to change the itinerary during your adventure. Your guide will inform you of any changes to your trip as soon as the information is available.

Similarly, the accommodation types listed here are meant to be used as a guideline and are not guaranteed.  It is sometimes necessary to make alternative arrangements due to a lack of availability or a change in itinerary. In these situations, we will use like standard of accommodation.

Trip Logistics

Trip Logistics

Starting Point

  • This tour begins with an orientation meeting on day 1 at 6pm at the Hotel Neapolis
  • Hotel Neapolis, Via Francesco del Giudice 13, Naples, ITALY
    • Phone: +39 0814420815
  • Hotel Neapolis is located in the historic city center and is only about 3MI / 5KM from the Naples airport. Transportation by both taxi and bus is available with buses requiring an additional trip on the metro to access the hotel. Take the metro line L1 to Piazza Dante station. Once you exit the metro, walk through the arch on the left hand side of the square along Via Port’ Alba. After a second arch, continue straight along Vico S. Pietro a Maiella. After another little square,  the street becomes Piazza Luigi Miraglia and then Via dei Tribunali. Just after the red brick tower turn left into Via Francesco del Guidice. The hotel is on the right hand side after about 100ft. The entrance is located in the backyard of the building, through the metal gate, and reception is on the second floor. There is a lift at the back of the staircase.
  • You can also book an airport transfer to your accommodation. An Intrepid representative will be holding a sign with either your name or the Intrepid logo.

Finishing Point

  • This tour finishes at Hotel Antica Repubblica after breakfast on day 8
    • Hotel Antica Repubblica, Via dei Pastai, 2, Salita Truglio, 1 Amalfi, 84011, ITALY

Health and Safety Considerations

The health and well-being of guests and guides is Intrepid’s top priority. Please review our itinerary and activities carefully to assess whether you are able to cope with and enjoy this particular trip. If our group leader or any local guide determines a guest is not able to participate in the itinerary without undue risk to themselves or others in the group, we reserve the right to deny said guest access to all or a portion of the trip without refund.

Group Size & Age Requirements

  • Minimum Age: 12
  • Minimum Group Size: 1
  • Maximum Group Size: 12

Weather In Southern Italy

The weather in Southern Italy will vary depending on the season you travel. Summers can be very hot and dry with temperatures in the triple digits which can make hiking uncomfortable. Please remember to pack sun protection as well as hats and sunglasses and to drink plenty of water. It is important to consider what time of year is best for your travels and what temperatures you are willing to deal with.

On the other hand, the shoulder seasons can have unpredictable weather and snow is not unheard of at higher elevations. If you are traveling during these seasons, please pack accordingly and bring warm clothing that you can layer as it becomes colder or take off as it becomes warmer. The biggest benefit of traveling in these seasons is the lack of other tourists.

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Trip Reviews

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