2021 Yellowstone Trips from Bozeman

2021 Yellowstone Trips From Bozeman, MT

Learn about which Wildland trips will originate in Bozeman, MT in 2021

In 2021 some Wildland Trekking Yellowstone trips will originate in Bozeman, Montana and some will originate in Jackson, Wyoming. Below you’ll find a list of the trips originating in Bozeman. If you do not see a trip listed here, it means it is originating in Jackson, Wyoming.

For answers to any questions about where a trip is originating, please reach out to our Adventure Consultant team at 928-223-HIKE (4453).


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Yellowstone Winter Ski & Snowshoe Tours

Trip Dates Originating in Bozeman

  • December 22-26, 2021 Snowshoe Traverse
  • December 27-31, 2021 Cross Country Ski Tour